Medical school application process – med school timeline

We will be discussing all the Medical school Application Processes and Med School timelines. The student getting admission to Medical School should submit their application as soon as possible. But submitting the application does not mean that the application is not of good quality. This article will guide you about the medical school application timeline.

Quick Takeaways

  • You will have to follow the process of taking the MCAT early and you must make sure which school you want to apply for it. 
  • Send the application to the school and attend the medical school interview.
  • You should try to submit the secondary application as soon as possible before the end of August.

However, you must read till the end so that you can get a better understanding of the medical school’s application process.

Medical school application process - med school timeline

The medical school’s application process

The medical school application process is lengthy and competitive. Thus you should know the ways by which you can make it easier. There are many schools that allow you to enter with a 3.4 GPA. However, you must know the application process that you need to follow for getting into medical school. The following are 8 steps showing the application process:

  1. Take the MCAT early. 
  2. Make up your mind about which school you want to apply to. 
  3. Ask for letter recommendations. 
  4. Complete and submit applications. 
  5. Be prepared for secondary applications. 
  6. Attend medical school interviews. 
  7. Complete the remaining course requirements 
  8. Pay the half amount to hold the seat. 

Take the MCAT early

Giving an MCAT test is the first step in applying to medical school. The student prefers to give the test in the spring of the year as the result of the MCAT takes approximately one month to declare. If you are taking this and are still not able to decide if you really want to get into the school, try to wait until the age of 28 and apply at 28.

Make your mind

The students should take time to compare the schools with other schools on the bases of fees, expenses, tuition fees, and the quality of education that should apply for college. Applying for a maximum of 15 to 20 colleges will increase the chance of the student getting selected for one of the listed colleges which also includes easy medical schools. Depending upon the area where you are living like Ohio, Washington, Philadelphia, Virginia, Hawaii, etc you will have to select the right school. Further, it also depends upon the profession you want to take like paediatrics, esthetician, veterinarian, anesthesiologist programs, PA, etc.

Medical school application process - med school timeline

Ask for letter recommendations

Getting in contact with the potential recommenders in the spring of the year will help the student to create a strong recommendation. The letter of recommendation should be able to explain your academic ability and the skills of working in a team. It is one of the best ways by which you can easily get into the medical school.

Complete and submit applications

You must apply with AMCAS and OSMAS. You should check carefully the steps as they are different from each other. With the application writing, you should also work on writing and reviewing the essays. You can try sending them a letter of intent which will help to post up your chances.

Be prepared for secondary applications

The secondary applications are written to know about you in a better way such as who you are and also to make sure that you are a good fit for the program or not. Before going for your residency program, you must be sent a supplemental ERAS application.

Pay the half amount to hold the seat

You should give a response to the acceptance letter from the school within a few weeks. If you are sure of taking admission to the school, you should pay the fee. Paying the fee will reserve the seat of the student. Thus try to find out the ways by which you can get paid the medical school.

Medical school application process - med school timeline

Med school timeline

The medical school timeline is as follows:

January to April:

The student should submit or register in the following way-

  • Register with the school pre-health advising committee if you have it is not compulsory. Then you have to request and obtain recommendation letters. 
  • The student then should take the final MCAT test. 
  • You need to take an AMC preview exam if yes, register for the exam. 
  • Outline and write the personal statements in the application. 
  • Mention the work and activities section performed during the qualification. 
  • Brainstorm, outline, and write the essays.


  • Submit the AACOMAS and TMDSAS scores. (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service and Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service)
  • Look at the personal statement and update your work and activities section done during May.
  • If you have attended the programs and camps of the college and university try to order official transcripts. 
  • Register for the Casper test. 
  • Then you should begin the practice of writing a secondary application essay as soon as the primary application is written. 
  • Make the school list and finalize it. 


  • The student should submit AMCAS. (American Medical College Application Service)
  • After receiving an email from  AMCAS then only you will get the confirmation that the recommendation letter and transcript are received by AMCAS. 
  • You should write the secondary application essay.
Medical school application process - med school timeline


  • After writing the secondary application, submit it as soon as possible when they have received the email. 
  • You shall begin to prepare for the interview taken during Medical School admission.

September to April or March:

  • You should be in practice for the interviews continuously and look for the right outfit to wear in the interview.
  • Complete all the interviews which are being done according to the school list. 
  • If you do not receive an email after submitting the secondary application, you should send a letter of interest.

October to May:

  • You should review the process of admission and all the financial aid offers. 
  • You should try to negotiate the financial cost of medical school if it is possible. 
  • Participate in weekend activities. 
  • Select a program you wish to attend.
  • Once selected, try to look for different ways of getting the loan so that you are able to afford the fees for medical schools.

When does the medical school application is considered to be late? 

You should begin to work on the secondary essay after finishing the first Primary application. The student should try to submit the secondary application as soon as possible before the end of August. As there is no clear date for considering which application is late or which application is early, you should aim to submit the application as soon as possible.

What are the deadlines for some medical school applications? 

If you are in Kansas City, and looking for the best medical school you can think of getting into the UMKC. Following are the AMCAS application deadline and dates-

  1. The application opens approximately on May 3rd.
  2. The first day to submit an AMCAS application is considered to be May 31.
  3. The first date when the application is being processed further to medical schools is June 24. 
  4. The deadline for AMCAS is considered to be approximately on the 1st of August. 
Medical school application process - med school timeline

Following are the AACOMAS application deadline and date- 

  1. The application begins on May 4 approximately. 
  2. The first application that is being further released to medical school starts on June 15. 
  3. The application is being closed or the deadline for the application is considered to be in April. 

Following are the TMDSAS application deadlines and dates- 

  1. Application opens approximately on 2 May. 
  2. The first day to submit the application is considered as May 16.
  3. The deadline for submitting the application is considered on the first of November.


The student should make a list of schools that they are willing to apply to after reviewing the schools’ fees and expenses etc. The student should not wait for the last date to give the MCAT as the result declaration of the test takes a maximum of 1 month. The writing of the essay for primary and secondary applications should be done carefully as the application explains the students’ academic work and the ability of the student to study the program.

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