Do you need a Ph.D. to be a Professor? Professor Qualification

Do you need a Ph.D. to be a Professor? Professor Qualification

According to different academic ranks in the colleges and universities, they assign faculty members. The rank given to the faculty is according to the level of education. Professorship makes a difference in the distinctions in academic life. If you are willing to become a professor, you may be told that you must do your Ph.D. … Read more

Is a professor a professional reference? – Professors’ professional referees

Is a professor a professional reference? - Professors' professional referees

A professional reference is the main requirement when you apply to any company. They act as referrals who know your working ethics, talent, qualities, etc that are required for the job role. They can be anyone who knows you professionally. As a fresher, you only know your professors who are professionals. However, the question is … Read more

Do Professors watch lockdown browsers?

Do Professors watch lockdown browsers

In the initial stages of online examinations, students started creating a lot. They do not have any fear of getting caught as they can easily navigate on the other browsers. To prevent the students from cheating, lockdown browsers like proctorU were launched by various educational institutions. They help to lock your computers so that you … Read more

Professor outfits – How do Professors dress?

Generally, in colleges, and universities the professor dressed up. We can say that proper dressing builds confidence in the professor and makes the student engage more in the lesson as the student will keep their eye on the professor or teacher. Thus it is important for you to know how a professor dresses up. However, … Read more