Do Universities look at your GCSE and A-Level Attendance in 2023? (Updated)

Do Universities look at your GCSE and A-Level Attendance? Thinking about the future and doing the thing will not make the student do it confidently and be interested in doing the thing. It will not be helpful for them to achieve their career goal. And it will make the student push back. This article will guide you about do universities look at GCSE and A-level attendance. 

Do Universities look at your GCSE and A-Level Attendance?

Do Universities Look at student GCSE Attendance?

During the interview given by the student for the university level, they will not spend time to get into the deep academic career of this student to find the student’s 11-year attendance. To check your attendance during year 11 is useless at that time. The university will look into the attendance only when the school comments on it to reference the university of the student.

But students should know that missing school days will affect their academic career and progress. It Will also make the student feel stressed to complete the work and catch up in the next class as being absent the class affects your progress  So we can say that the absence during GCSE year will not affect the University of the future greatly and the university will not check your attendance during the admission of this student as it is an insufficient factor for choosing or rejecting a student. Also, it is important for you to know if the A-levels are harder than the University or not.

Do Universities Look at student A-Level Attendance? 

When we compare GCSE or IGCSEs (if taken) and a level the university does give more importance to a level. But the university will not check the student attendance during the 6th form. But while the application is reviewed by the University and the School has mentioned your they will check it as your school is favoring that the student is able to get admission to their dream University as missing the classes during GCSE and missing the classes during a level will have disadvantage for the student as they will miss out the large amount of the work which is being taught in the class and which will affect the Great also.

As the work and the assignment which is completed during the class do contribute to predicting the grades and which will affect the university also. We can say that if the student attendance during the 6th form is higher then this will able to have more learning experience through which it will help them to build a strong future and it will be helpful for the student when they are playing for university and jobs.

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How can good GCSE Attendance affect University Offers?

If the student is not attending the class regularly it will affect the academic progress of the student and will stress this student if they are not able to catch up on missing work. If this student is having good attendance during the GCSE or IGCSEs. It will help the student to have enough time to do their revision for the exam and they will be able to learn all the subjects easily as they have attended all the classes and have a little bit of knowledge about the content and they do not need to waste their time in completing and covering the work which is being taught in the classes.

The student who is having good attendance in GCSE will automatically have a good learning experience and due to this, the student will be able to have good grades when compared to the student who has low attendance during GCSE. And this grade will affect the university’s offers.

How can good A-Level Attendance affect University Offers?

The work experience and the skills learned during the level are more important and depth effect on our career full stop so the attendance of 6th form is more important than during GCSE. As the courses which are being taught during a level give the student with different experiences and skills that the student can be able to express as a personal statement during the application process of the university.

And if the student does not attend the class of a level they will not be able to learn the topic which is being explained in the class and later during the revision time they will waste their time covering up all the topics which were being taught when they were absent which will affect their grades also and the A-level grades are very important for the student to get the admission in the Desired University as there is a very tough competition between the student as everybody want to get into the best university so that they would be successful in their career life.

The student should have good attendance so that they have all the knowledge of the topic which is being taught in the class and should not waste their time in completing it. The students who have good attendance will have a lot of time to prepare for the exam. They can easily make a schedule for the revision of different subjects.


The university does not look at the GCSE and a level of attendance but the attendance affects the student’s learning experience and skills which do affect the student for getting into the University with their desire for. as when the student is compared with a student who is regular to the class will have more learning experience and knowledge about the subject in depth and would be able to have a high grade. that will make the student easily get into the University.