How to get into Vet School? -Myths about Veterinarian Schooling

Veterinarians are the people who look after animals and aid them in any sickness or injuries. You can even become an expert in a certain breed of animal, such as horses, dogs, cats, etc. A veterinarian treats animals similarly to a doctor would treat a patient. You will have to check them and give them medicine as part of your duties. If you are interested in entering a veterinary school you must know some important facts. Also, there may be some myths due to which you may not be willing to join it. Thus you must know how to get into vet schools and what are the myths of veterinarian schools.

Quick Takeaways

  • To get into vet schools you need to get an undergraduate degree, get the experience, take the GRE exam, complete the application form and take care of your personal statement.
  • The biggest myth that you may have heard about it is that this branch is much harder than other branches which is totally wrong. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get a deep understanding of how can you get into the vet school.

How to get into Vet School? -Myths about Veterinarian Schooling

How to get into Vet School?

To become a vet you need to go in the get into a vet school you have to follow a simple procedure after the completion of high school –

1. Undergraduate degree

To enter any school, you need to have an undergraduate degree. You must have a four-year bachelor’s degree in any subject. Although most vet schools will look for students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in subjects like animal science, biology, etc. Try to maintain your GPA at 3.6 or above then it. This is because many vet schools or pre-vet schools have their requirements and most of them will ask you for a minimum GPA of 3.6. 

2. Getting experience

You can take up various volunteering projects and internships to gain some experience. This is important, as most vet schools will see how passionate you are about working with animals. You can work on various volunteering projects in the zoo, under a veterinarian, etc. Getting experience in the related field will improve your chances of getting selected for vet schools. This will also help you to get a letter of recommendation for yourself. You will also need to get the required number of hours to get into the schools.

3. Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

This is another important factor that will help to have an impact on your application. This test helps to analyze you in different sections like Critical thinking, reasoning, verbal communication, and analytical writing. 

How to get into Vet School? -Myths about Veterinarian Schooling

4. Fill up the Application forms

Once you are done, start filling out the application form for various vet schools. You must know the deadline for various schools for applying. Fill out every necessary detail asked in the application. Remember not to make any mistakes while filling out the application.

5. Personal essay

Write down your essay according to the topic to which you can easily relate. Do not take such a topic on which you can not write easily. Make sure to add up all the important information related to your topic. 

Myths and reality about Veterinary Schools

Many believe that vet schools are harder than med schools. But this is not true. This depends upon what you actually want to pursue. Let us see some of the myths regarding vet schools that we go through most of the time –

1. Less friendly students

One of the most common things that you may have heard is that vet schools are highly competitive and most of the students do not get friendly with other students. This is just a myth. When you go to these schools, you will find a lot of students who will be there for you when you need them. You will also make some really good friends for yourself.

2. Get less free time

You do not get any free time when you apply to vet schools. This can be true for students who are slightly low in their academics. As a veterinarian, you must have a lot of knowledge about how to treat animals. As discussed earlier veterinarians are almost equal to doctors. Therefore you need some extra time for your studies. Although you can manage to get some free time for yourself. Also, there are many different clubs that you can join just to get out some free time for yourself. 

How to get into Vet School? -Myths about Veterinarian Schooling

3. An advantage to private college students

Students from private colleges get more advantages than students from public colleges. Though this is one of the biggest myths that the students have in their minds. To get into vet school you do not need to be a private college student. Applications in vet schools are welcomed from every background and educational institution. 

4. High grades

Having high grades is a must to enter vet school. It may be the case for some particular schools, not all vet schools have such requirements. However, it is not important to get A* grades in your college or high-grade schools.

5. Harder than the doctors

Another myth that you may have to listen to is that it is harder to become a veterinarian than a doctor. This is not true. The training programs and the level of studying is equal in both professions. On the contrary, the course of vet programs including the residency and fellowship programs is 5 years. Whereas the same program takes 6-7 years to become a doctor


A veterinarian is a person who takes care of animals and treats them when they are sick or injured. In short, they are the doctors for animals. You can choose a specific group of animals for which you want to give your services. However, to enter a Veterinary school, you need to spend 5-6 years after your undergraduate degree. This accounts for 4 years in vet schools and 1-2 years for your residency program. There are also some common myths about vet schools. Some of them may be slightly true but most of them are far away from the truth.

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