How to afford medical school? – how to pay for medical school?

Any student who thinks to become a doctor mostly drops their plan thinking about the investment in medical school. This is because of the high tuition for medical school. The rising tuition fee has discouraged students from taking up the medical profession. Thus it is important to know how can you afford to pay for medical school.

Quick Takeaways

  • There are generally four different ways by which you can afford medical school-
Financial aid
part-time jobs

Let us discuss these different ways by which you can afford your medical school.

How to afford medical school? - how to pay for medical school?

How to afford medical school?

Depending on the area where you are living like Ohio, Washington, etc you can select a lot of schools for yourself. But the biggest problem to get into medical school is how can you afford it. If you are interested in going to medical school you must also look for easy medical schools to get into. Most students drop out of medical school because they are unable to afford it. But how will you feel after doing so much hard work, filling out various forms like supplemental ERAS application, completing the full medical application process and then dropping out? Thus there are two solutions to afford medical school costs i.e by increasing the financial resources or by decreasing the cost. The following are some ways to show this:

 how to increase financial resources.

  1. Financial aid
  2. Scholarships
  3. Loans
  4. part-time jobs

1. Financial aid:

This financial support is provided to the student whose parent’s financial condition is not good and they are not able to contribute to the cost of medical school. So the school will collect the information and determine who needs the financial aid. Getting financial aid from the school is a better resource. This is also the biggest reason why most of students drop out of medical school.

2. Scholarships:

The scholarships are granted to the students by considering the merit of MCAT scores, GPA, and the application student. There are very less chances of getting scholarships for medical schools if you are getting a 3.4 GPA. The student gets scholarships very rarely it all depends on the capability of the student. If the student is more capable than others the scholarship will be given to them. If you have done Special Master’s Programs, you may get an advantage in getting the scholarship.

How to afford medical school? - how to pay for medical school?

3. Loans:

If you fail to get financial aid you can apply for student loans. The student is of two types such as federal loans and private loans. federal loans are loans that have the low-interest rates but private loans have various private terms that are the worst. So, the student should prefer federal loans. However, your loans can be repaid by someone anonymously.

4. Part-time jobs:

There are a lot of different professions like paediatrics, vets, etc depending on which you will have to choose the medical school. When you are going to medical school, you must try to do a part-time job. Doing part-time jobs during 4 years of medical school is not a good option as the student will not be able to focus on their studies. This is because choosing the medical field is a difficult option and requires a lot of hard work. But if the student wants to do part-time jobs they should try to get a job that makes a balance between their school.

The job should not be targeted based which creates pressure on the student by which the student will not be able to handle the pressure of studies and job at the same time. You should remember the number of hours of working as a student.

How do I decrease the cost?

  1. Choose an affordable school.
  2. Minimize your expenses.
  3. Financial mistakes to avoid.

1. Choose an affordable school.

When choosing the school to complete the medical study the student should choose the school wisely as there are a lot of differences in fees of school in many terms such as tuition fees, the expenses of travelling, hostel fees, etc. so the student should always choose the school which is affordable to them. If you live in the UK, there are several easy medical schools where you can apply at. Try to get into the school which also pays you. Further, try to get the med school diversity essay to easily get into the university.

2. Minimize your expenses:

There are many ways to reduce expenses during the study of medical school. If you can have a roommate, it will help you to reduce expenses as sharing expenses will help you to spend less money. The student should also know how to cook food which also reduces the expenses spend on eating food outside that is also unhealthy. If you are interested in getting into medical school, if you are living in Kansas City, you can think of getting into the UMKC.

How to afford medical school? - how to pay for medical school?

3. Financial mistakes to avoid:

There are many students who have a point of view that spend a little more money on buying unnecessary things like iPad, laptops, or cars which are not useful or compulsory when the student has already taken a student loan which will create a burden on the family. So the student should always try to spend wisely and avoid making financial mistakes. Further, you must try to apply to more than a single school according to their requirements which you can fulfil it.

How do I pay for medical school?

The student can pay for medical school by following options:

  • Scholarships.
  • Student loans.
  • Personal savings from family.

1. Using scholarships to pay for Medical School:

Scholarships are given to students who are having good scores on the MCAT. So that the school grants the scholarships by receiving an applicant of the student. the following are some scholarships that the student can apply for in a medical school:

  • If you are committed to serving as a military doctor, a military scholarship will cover the tuition fee and expenses for those students.
  • National health service corps scholarships will cover the expenses and tuition fees of the student who will serve their beginning phase in the medically unserved area.
  • The scholarships are offered by public, private, and government colleges as full-time and partial scholarships.

2. By using student loans to pay for medical school:

The student pays for medical school through federal loans as they are preferable then private loans for the following reasons:

Federal loans have many repayment options such as:

  1. Income-based repayment.
  2. Pay as you earn.
  3. They give the option of debit consolidations that makes the interest on the loan low and also make easy payment for the loan.

But in private loans, there are various terms and conditions that are very bad, which creates a lot of burdens on the family and students. However, if you are not sure about getting into medical school you can try applying at the age of 28.

3. Using family saving to pay for medical school:

There are many students who come from rich backgrounds. Paying for medical school is easy if the student can have some relatives who can help them in paying the cost of medical school. But there are also some families who don’t have a rich background and relatives who try to tighten their daily activities to pay for medical school. If you can also


Students who are from the average family will have difficulty making their students get proper education in medical school. The above article makes it clear that the student can pay for medical school but the student has to do hard work so that the loan can be paid when they are successful in their life.


Can a student go to medical school without money?

No, going to medical school is impossible without money. The student can have a concession in their fee by having scholarships, taking loans, etc.

What is the cheapest medical school?

The Texas College of osteopathic medicine which is associated with the university of north texas is the cheapest medical school.

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