Savvy Reading Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Many kids struggle with reading. Savvy reading is a solution to their problem. It is a platform that helps students who lack reading, to get confidence while reading. You can even become a tutor on this platform. If you are one who has worked around kids, you can become a tutor on this platform. But is this platform worthy?

Quick Takeaways

  • To become a tutor on this platform you will need to be from the U.S. 
  • But you need to have a degree or may have a related certification. 
  • You will get a good pay rate and also have good chances for an increase in pay rate. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of the Savvy Reading platform.

Savvy Reading Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What is Savvy Reading?

There are many online teaching platforms like heytutor, vivaling, konnekt kid, etc. Savvy reading is an online teaching platform like Kiwico and hoot reading especially to help students who are facing problems with reading. It is a start-up that was launched in 2020. The classes on this platform are taken in small group sessions (at most 4 students in one group). This is one of the best platforms if your child lacks behind in reading. Students are taught on a level basis. There are 5 levels in which fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary are evaluated. Although if you want to teach on this platform, you should be certified and must have teaching experience, especially with kids. 

Savvy Reading review – Is Savvy reading worth it?

If we talk about students, Savvy reading is one of the best platforms which will help students to become better readers. The students develop reading skills in a very fun and efficient manner. There are also one on one sessions and even the group teaching is done with very few students so that every student can get attention.

Though if you are looking to become a tutor on this platform, you must know that they primarily hire tutors from the US. Also, they will only hire you if you have teaching experience with the kids. The pay rate is better than other platforms and also there are high chances of getting a hike in the pay rates in the future.

Advantages of Savvy Reading

Following are the benefits of being a tutor on Savvy Reading- 

  • The pay rate that you get is much better than other platforms. 
  • There are high chances of getting a hike in the pay rate.
  • Positive reviews from the past tutors of the platform.
  • The biggest advantage of being a tutor on this platform is that once you get a student, he or she will be there with you for more than 2 months which may be rare to find on other platforms.
Savvy Reading Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Disadvantages of Savvy reading

Following are the drawbacks of being a tutor on Savvy Reading- 

  • You must be a US-based resident.
  • A related degree or certification is needed to become a tutor on this platform. 
  • The selection process for accepting the application is very competitive.
  • Although they have a policy of no minimum hour commitment they only hire you if you are ready to work during peak hours.

Is Savvy reading a legit platform?

Yes, Savvy reading is totally a legit platform just like abc360. The platform is designed for kids who generally are up to 5 years. There are a lot of students and tutors who are connected on this platform which shows how legit this platform is to use. When you register on this platform, they will ask for your consent to use your information. However, your information is not shared with any third party without your permission. 

How much do you make as a tutor with Savvy reading?

The pay rate that is offered by Savvy reading is around US $9 for every 25 minutes. This means that you will get US $18 for an hour of class. If you log in for 25 minutes and the student does not attend the classroom, you will get the full payment for the class. The payment is done via direct deposit every two weeks.

Savvy Reading Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Requirements to become a tutor at Savvy Reading

  • You must be a certified tutor who has experience in teaching kids.
  • Must be available during the peak hours on four days i.e Monday to Thursday. The peak hours are generally between 5 – 7:30 pm (EST). 
  • You must have a strong internet connection and a working laptop with a proper web camera and microphone installed on it.

How to apply to become a tutor on this platform?

To become a tutor on this platform, you have to go through the following procedure-

  • On their official website, you need to go to savvy teaching jobs and apply for the job. The application form will open up.
  • Fill out the required information. There will be some additional questions than your data, you need to give answers to them. 
  • When you complete the application process, you will get a link for your interview and demo session like HiTutor.
  • Another thing that will happen in your interview session, is your demo session.
  • After completing the process, you need to wait for their confirmation. They respond within a week after completing the interview about if your application is rejected or selected. 

Services offered on the platform for students

There are three types of services that are offered by the platform for the students-

Group or individual sessions –

You can either take up the class Individually or in small groups. 

Savvy Reading Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Online classes-

You will get four online classes for 25 minutes in a full week. The classes are generally taken from Monday to Thursday between 5 to 7:30 pm(EST). 

Live coach-led sessions-

You will get experienced and trained coaches that will help your child to get better at reading. The curriculum is developed in such a manner that helps the child who is behind in reading, get better in that.


Savvy reading is an excellent platform if your child lacks behind in reading. They will get a lot of fun exercises which will not only improve their reading skills but also boost their confidence. On the contrary, if you want to become a tutor on this platform, you can only apply if you have experience in teaching kids. Though the pay rate is higher than other ESL tutoring platforms the selection process of the application is tough. 

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