Learning Vietnamese Language With Duolingo in 2024

Vietnamese is a popular language of Vietnam and if you are thinking of traveling over there you may want to learn the official language. Duolingo is one such platform that is doing great in the world of language learning. If you are also thinking of using this platform to learn the Vietnamese language with Duolingo, you may wonder what it will look like to use Duolingo for learning this language. Therefore here we will help you to understand what it looks like when you are learning Vietnamese language with Duolingo.

Quick Takeaways

  • When you enroll in a Duolingo course, such as the Vietnamese language, you will notice that the course is divided into sections.
  • Each section contains a large number of units, which are further subdivided into several lessons.
  • The lessons on this platform are too short and can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Duolingo leagues, Duolingo gems, Super Duolingo, and other common features that help you improve your language learning journey on this platform. 
  • If you are already an intermediate-level learner, you will not enjoy this platform.
  • On the other hand, if you are just beginning to learn this language and are on a tight budget, this is the right spot for you.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how it looks like when you are learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo.

Learning Vietnamese Language With Duolingo

How is the Vietnamese course designed on Duolingo?

If you already have used Duolingo for different courses you must be aware that all the courses follow a specific path. However, if you are new to Duolingo you must want to understand what this path looks like. Each and every course on Duolingo follows a specific path which was earlier known as the Duolingo tree. In this path, you will see the course is designed in such a way that there are different sections in the course. Each of the sections focuses on a particular skill which further includes a different number of units.

Every unit is further divided into a set of lessons that help you to learn the language by following the easy steps. If you want to master a skill you will meet to complete all the lessons of a single unit to get on the next unit. The lessons in these units are too short and can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes. You can also take up these lessons offline so that you do not miss any practice while you are traveling. At present, there are 49 units in the Vietnamese course.

What are some of the exercises that you get in the Vietnamese course on Duolingo?

Following are the exercises that you get on the platform when you are learning the Vietnamese language-

  • Speak this sentence
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Tap the pairs (standard and audio)
  • Complete the translation 
  • Tap what you hear
  • Mark the correct meaning
  • Select the missing word 
  • Sentence shuffle Translation 
  • Picture flashcards 

Is learning Vietnamese language with Duolingo worth it?

It’s essential that you decide whether using Duolingo to learn a language is useful. This is mainly due to the fact that learning a new language takes a lot of effort, and if you put in the effort, you must receive results for it. You might not like this platform if you are planning to learn the language at a professional level. The primary reason for this is that the official website of Duolingo states that you can only reach the intermediate level of language proficiency. Therefore, you might not really like this platform if you wish to improve your skills after already being at an intermediate level.

However, if you’re new and have a limited budget, this is the ideal place for you. The platform offers both a free and a premium version for you to use. One of the best things about this platform is that its features are nearly the same for both its premium and free versions. Additionally, a lot of engaging content can be found on this platform because it uses the gamified approach. Further, we have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo. 

What are the advantages of learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo?

Following are the benefits of learning the Vietnamese  language with the Duolingo platform-

  • If you have just started learning this language then you may be enjoying this platform much. This is because it is specifically designed for people who do not know the basics of the language. 
  • If you are tight on the budget then this is a perfect place for you as it offers the free version of it.
  • The content on this platform is too engaging and it forces you will love the lessons of this platform.
  • The Vietnamese course on this platform uses the northern dialect which is considered the official or the standard dialect of this language.
  • As there are different features like streak score it is a highly motivating platform. When you miss a lesson on this platform you will see the owl coming on the screen and reminding you about the completion of the lessons. 

What are the disadvantages of learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo?

The following are the disadvantages of learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo-

  • The major drawback of this platform is that there is a heart system when you use this platform on the mobile app. With these features, you only get five chances to make up a mistake on this platform.
  • You will not get more grammatical explanations on this platform which may make it difficult for you to understand the Vietnamese language.
  • These courses are only created for intermediate-level learners and their food if you are looking for some advanced content then you may not enjoy this platform.
  • Many believe that it is not a good platform for the correct pronunciation of the Vietnamese language.

Further, I have explained the special as well as common features that you get while learning this language.

Does the Vietnamese course have any special features on Duolingo?

Being an English speaker you must know that the courses on Duolingo are not similar to each other. Presently for an English-speaking person, there are 40 different language courses available. You can choose a course and start learning the language through different features on the platform. Though there are many common features available in different courses there are some special features that are specifically for some courses. Some of the special features that you get on Duolingo for different courses are podcasts, stories, match madness, and Duolingo Max. Unfortunately, there are no such special features when we talk about Vietnamese courses. However, further I have mentioned the different features that you commonly get in various courses.

What are the other common features that you get when you are learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo?

Learning Vietnamese Language With Duolingo

Following are the other common factors that you get when you are learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo-

1. Duolingo gems 

Duolingo is a platform that follows the gamified approach and therefore provides you with its own currency which is known as Duolingo gems or lingots. When you are using this platform on the mobile app then this currency is known as Duolingo gems. On the other hand when you are using this platform on the desktop version then this currency is known as lingots. The color of Duolingo gems is blue whale as the lingots are red. These gems can be used to unlock new features and buy different boosters. To on the same need to take part in different leagues and complete different lessons.

2. XP Score

Whenever you perform a task on the Duolingo platform, you get to earn some experience points. These experience points are like rewards that you get to earn on the platform. Each and every activity gives you some experience points that will help you stay on top of the Duolingo leagues. An important point that you must remember is that some of the activities give you a higher XP score whereas others might give you a low XP score. 

3. Duolingo leagues

Duolingo leagues are one-week-long competitions in which you will have to stay on the top of the leaderboards. To stay at the top of the board, you will need to keep your XP score as high as you can. There are a total of 10 leagues that you get on this platform which stats form the bronze league and ends at the diamond league. These leagues are a perfect way of boosting your practice skills and improving your language skills.

4. Friends

Although this platform is a great tool for learning the language still there is another great feature on this platform that helps in increasing the network. One such feature available on this platform is making friends. You can make friends on this platform very easily by following them and getting a follow back from them. The only way to become a friend on this platform is that you both follow each other. Becoming friends on this platform is very important as it helps you to take part in friend quests and also it helps you to increase your chances of completing the course by 5 times

5. Streak score

A streak score is basically a feature that helps you to keep motivated to complete the course. Usually, it is calculated on the basis of the number of days you have regularly used the platform. Although it is not very useful when it comes to learning the language but can work greatly to keep you motivated. Further, when you reach a score of 365 days, you get to unlock a new feature which is known as Streak Society and VIP status. Once you unlock the Steak Society you can also get the streak freeze. So when you miss a day or a lesson, streak freeze can be used for not breaking it up. 

6. Heart system

The heart system of Duolingo is a feature that is available only on the Mobile app. It means that it is not available on the desktop version. The heating system gives you only 5 chances to make a mistake while practicing. So when you make a mistake, you lose the heart for it. If you lose your single life, it will take 4 hours to refill. However, you can use your gems or do extra practice to refill them. Of course, it is very disturbing and thus you can always take advantage of the Desktop version. However, you must always remember that there is a subscription plan Duolingo Plus, which can help you to get rid of this heat system.

Learning Vietnamese Language With Duolingo

7. Duolingo Plus

Duolingo is a platform that offers free as well as paid versions which is known as Super Duolingo or Duolingo Plus. Taking up the subscription plan can help you to get rid of the heart system and also the unwanted ads. There are generally two types of subscription plans that you can take up Individual and Family plan. The cost that you will pay for the subscription plan will depend upon the type of plan you are choosing and the duration of it. 

8. Duolingo happy hour

As the name suggests Duolingo happy hour is the hour in which you get the chance to earn some extra XP. This hour generally takes place in the evening and you will need to complete a specific task that gives you some amount of XP. Suppose you are completing a task that gives you 20XP on completion, you will be getting 25 XP instead. It can be a superb way of earning extra XP if you also use XP boost along with it.

9. Duolingo Events

Duolingo is a platform on which you get the additional feature rather than the normal lessons which is the Duolingo events. Duolingo event is a video conferencing event in which you can talk to other learners who are learning Vietnamese. It is basically the additional help to get them to learn the particular language. Earlier with this even you were also rewarded with a 250 Gems score which was huge. But with time this feature has been withdrawn. Additionally, earlier it was offered freely but with new updates, you need to pay the extra amount for it.


One of the best language learning platforms is Duolingo which helps you in posting up your language skills. If you are a person who is traveling to Vietnam, you may want to learn its official language which is Vietnamese. To do so you must be wondering how to learn it with Duolingo. When you are learning the Vietnamese language with Duolingo, you must remember that it is a platform that offers proficiency at the intermediate level. However, if you are a beginner as well as tight on budget then you would love this platform.


How many crowns are there in the Duolingo Vietnamese course?

The total number of crowns that you get in the Vietnamese course is six.

Can you learn Vietnamese from Duolingo?

Yes, you can learn the Vietnamese language on Duolingo. But if you are thinking of becoming fluent at an advanced level then you may not enjoy this platform much. It is because the official website of the Duolingo platform states that you can only get fluency at the intermediate level which means that you can only get up to 60% fluency in the language.

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