All Duolingo Levels Completely Explained (+ How Many Levels Are There?)

Duolingo is a platform on which you are able to learn a different language including French, German, Spanish, etc. When you open Duolingo, you will see a lot of features on the platform like Duolingo tree, leagues, gems, etc. Duolingo tree is a path which you will need to follow on Duolingo to complete the course. In this path, you will see different levels and units which will help to progress you through the language journey. Here we will help you to know more about the Duolingo levels in detail so that you do not get confused about them.

Quick Takeaways

  • The Duolingo level is a part of the path in which the courses can be completed.
  • These levels will involve different activities or lessons which you need to complete them.
  • Each level represents that you will be moving on to the next level which is more difficult than the first one.
  • Earlier there were 25 levels, whereas currently, the number of levels you will be having in the course will vary with the course you have taken.
  • If you find the current level easier you can skip it by taking a little test.
  • You can also start directly for a higher level by taking up the placement course.

However, we recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts related to the Duolingo Level.

All Duolingo Levels Completely Explained (+ How Many Levels Are There?)

What is Duolingo Level?

The Duolingo level is a part of the path in which the courses can be completed. Each level represents the higher level of the course. You will also see funny sentences while you are in the lesson. However, with time, it was removed from the platform. Each level is represented by a circle. The circle include a lot of different activities like a set of lessons, stories, and personalised practice. These levels were earlier divided into 25 different levels which you have completed one by one along the path.

With each level completed, you will gain some amount of XP points. Earlier these levels were only used to check for XP points. But now they go along with the Learning path. With the help of these levels, you may also get some Gems which you can use to unlock new lessons and unlock status icons. You can complete the course by taking them offline to reach a particular level. These levels will help you to stay motivated in the course. Along with these levels, you will also see a feature – Duolingo English Test, which helps you to test your English knowledge.

How does Duolingo level work?

Earlier they were only used to grade you in the form of an XP score. However, currently, they act like different steps on the Duolingo tree. The objective of each level is to finish the prescribed number of tasks in each level. Once you complete all the tasks in a single level, you can move to one step higher level. This will continue till you complete your unit. Whether you are learning Russian or Spanish with Duolingo, all the courses follow the same pattern.

If you do not find a course worthy, you can also remove them from your Duolingo. In every unit, you will mostly find 8 levels, which will vary with the course you have taken. You can also take a Duolingo podcast for Spanish and French language. 

How many levels are there on Duolingo?

If we consider the earlier system of Duolingo, there were 1-25 levels. Level 1 was the easiest level and 25th was the hardest level. When you will finish the levels, you will get to unlock the achievements. The following table shows what is the point spam for each of the levels-

All Duolingo Levels Completely Explained (+ How Many Levels Are There?)
Number of LevelsNumber of Points 
Level 10-59
Level 260-119
Level 3120-199
Level 4200-299
Level 5300-449
Level 6450-749
Level 7750-1124
Level 81125-1649
Level 91650-2249
Level 102250-2999
Level 113000-3899
Level 123900-4899
Level 134900-5999
Level 146000-7499
Level 157500-8999
Level 169000-10499
Level 1710500-11999
Level 1812000-13499
Level 1913500-14999
Level 2015000-16999
Level 2117000-18999
Level 2219000-22499
Level 2322500-25999
Level 2426000-29999
Level 2530000 and above

However, with the new updates, the number of levels you will be having for the course will depend upon the course content. Suppose we talk about Spanish and French courses, they will have more levels than compare to the Japanese language. 

All Duolingo Levels Completely Explained (+ How Many Levels Are There?)

What is the difference between Levels and Crown levels?

The new level system is almost similar to the old crown levels. The only difference between both of them is how they are organised. Earlier these levels were organised into different skills. These skills have 6 different levels and you can do all these 6 at a single time.

At present, these levels are divided into further lessons. You will not be able to complete all these levels at a single time. However, you will need to complete a single level of skill and go on to the other level. This will go on and you will have to complete all the levels. However, both the levels and crowns will help you to get some XP. If you also want to earn more XP in less time you can think of taking up timed challenges like the XP ramp-up challenge.

How can you skip the Duolingo level?

If you know some of the basics of the targeted languages, you may want to skip the starting levels. It is very easy to skip the levels on Duolingo. You can jump on the position which is along the Duolingo path. To skip it, you must scroll down to your desired unit. Tap the first level of that unit. You must see a big bubble above it which will be saying Jump Here.

After it, you will see a little test which will help you to test your knowledge of the part you want to skip. There will be no hint and you will only help 5 chances for it. It is the same case for both free and Duolingo Plus members. 

Can you start from a higher level in Duolingo?

All Duolingo Levels Completely Explained (+ How Many Levels Are There?)

Of course, you can start from a higher level in Duolingo. One feature that you may know about is Duolingo’s placement test. With the help of this test, you can go on a higher level of the course you are studying. If you already have some knowledge of the language, you will have to tap on “Already know some”. When you tap on it, you will be taken on the placement test. After taking the placement if you are still not happy, you can always jump forward on the unit, which you want to study right now. All you need to do is to pass the test and are ready for the exam. 

How to know which Duolingo level you are at?

When you are using Duolingo, whenever you level up in a course it provides you with a feeling of motivation. Thus every time you will be moving on you may want to know at which level you are. As there are many levels, you may not be able to know at which level you are on Duolingo itself. So, there is a totally new website – Duome, which will help you to know at which level you are.

If you are a serious person who is taking Duolingo learning seriously, Duolme is the perfect website for you. Despite being an unofficial website, it provides you with many different benefits. You will not only be able to know at which level you are but you will also be able to know the highest streak score and XP score.

All Duolingo Levels Completely Explained (+ How Many Levels Are There?)

Further, you will also be able to know at which rank you are at Duolingo. It will help you to know your statistic including your legendary levels and the crowns you have received. With the help of this platform, you will also be able to see Duolingo levels by percentage. So if you check on Duome, you will also get to know how much level is left or how much XP score you need to complete the level in percentage. 

Why the old Duolingo level were removed?

The old level system on Duolingo tries to check the progress you made by the number of XP points you have earned. Now there are many courses which have less content and thus you will be earning fewer XP scores. Suppose you have taken Spanish language and on the other hand, if you have taken the Polish language, the course content is different. 

So even if you are at the last level of both courses, you will be getting more XP scores with the Spanish language than with the Polish language. If we talk about the current update, your progress is checked by where you are on the learning path. Thus it is a more good way of checking your progress. 

All Duolingo Levels Completely Explained (+ How Many Levels Are There?)


The Duolingo level is a part of the path in which the courses can be completed. At each level, there are a lot of different lessons and tasks that you need to take up. The Duolingo tree is basically the way you take the course in which there are several units. These units further have different levels according to the current Duolingo system. The earlier system only have 25 levels in the course in which level 1 is the easiest level and 25 was the highest one.

Also earlier your XP score helps you to measure where you are in the course. However, currently, your levels help you to know how much you have come far in the course. If you find a level to be too easy for you, you can skip them. However you will need to give the test for that particular level, and if you clear it you will be able to move on to the next level. You can also start directly on the higher level, by taking your placement test. 


What happens when you complete all levels in Duolingo?

When you will be completing all the levels in Duolingo, you will earn your unit trophy. The unit trophy shows that you have completed all the levels in the unit successfully

What level of Duolingo is fluent?

Duolingo provides you fluency at A1 and A2 levels. It means that you can only get the fluency level at the Beginner and intermediate levels. However, they are trying to make the course fluent at the B2 level.