What is Coursera Plus? (Is Coursera Plus Worth Your Money?)

Online learning platforms have become so much more popular in current times. One such platform that will help you to learn new skills is Coursera. Coursera is a platform with a wide range of courses. It also offers you a subscription plan which is known as Coursera Plus. Therefore further we have focused on what is Coursera Plus for your better understanding.

Quick Takeaways

  • Coursera Plus is the subscription plan of Coursera where you can unlock more than 90% of content on it. 
  • This means that it is worth taking it if you want to learn new topics.
  • The subscription plan for Coursera is $399 annually.
  • If you are considering taking up just one course or specialization, the cost you will pay may be much higher.
  • Following are the things that you will be getting in Coursera Plus-
1. Online courses
2. Specializations
3. Guided projects
4. Professional certificates

Further, we have discussed what is Coursera plus and how much it is worth to take it up in detail for your better understanding.

What is Coursera plus?

Coursera Plus is the subscription plan in which you get access to more than 7000 courses available in the Coursera catalogue. Over 90% of the educational programs in the Coursera catalogue are accessible to you when you take a subscription to Coursera Plus. You can enrol in as many courses as you like with your Coursera Plus subscription.

However, it should be the course that is a part of the subscription. You can enrol in as many courses and receive as many Course Certificates as you want. As long as you are verified on it and pass the course, you will receive a Course Certificate for every course you finish using your Coursera Plus subscription. Course Hero is a great alternative to the Coursera Pus platform. You may also find 2 weeks’ course certifications.

Is Coursera plus worthy?

Well, this depends upon for which purpose you want to take Coursera Plus. If you are thinking of taking up just one course or specialization, the cost that you will pay may be much higher. Rather than taking up the subscription plan, you can find out a person who already has the subscription or Coursera and take their credentials to log in. But if you can commit more time and want to take up multiple courses and complete them, then you can take up Coursera plus. Also if you are looking for taking up guided projects to develop practical skills, then you may think of taking this subscription.

Does Coursera Plus include everything?

No, as we already discussed that 90% of the programs are covered on Coursera Plus, this means that Coursera Plus does not involve everything in it. Let us see what are the things that Coursera Plus involves in itself-

1. Online courses

There are more than 3000 courses which are available on this platform. You can get various courses which will help you to learn various skills or concepts in different fields. These courses are prepared by some of the best universities to give you the best possible knowledge about the field.

2. Specializations

You will get 1000+ specializations on Coursera Plus. Coursera’s specializations are the best option for gaining in-depth knowledge of a subject through a series of online courses. You can get specializations in business, excel, etc created by various prestigious institutions. In this specialization, you will be getting various PowerPoint presentations.

3. Guided projects

This part of Coursera plus will offer you projects that will help you to learn the skills with the help of the in-hand projects. You can take up projects for learning python, creating google sheets, etc. 

4. Professional certificates

You should check into professional certificate programs like Google’s IT Support if you want to earn a great job offer or enhance your resume. These certificates are proof that you have learned these skills from the best institutions.

How much does Coursera plus cost?

The subscription plan for Coursera is $399 annually. This means that if we break it out, it costs us $33.25 each month. However, the problem here is that you need to pay the subscription for the whole year in advance which may not be an option for everyone. If you do not like it, you can cancel your subscription plan anytime within 14 days of purchasing the subscription, as it offers a money return policy for just 14 days. If you do not cancel it within 14 days, you can not get your money back. 

Can you earn a degree with Coursera plus?

As we have already discussed the element of Coursera plus, we know that the degrees are not offered on Coursera plus. In addition with it, you must also understand that the Mastertrack certifications and some of the professional courses that are offered on this platform are also not available on Coursera plus. 

Do employers take Coursera seriously?

If you are confused if the Coursera will add an advantage to your resume or not, well you need not worry. Your employer will consider the certifications from Coursera. This is not because you have learned skills from it but because the instructors and the courses on this platform are from big universities.

Why should you choose Coursera plus?

There may be several reasons why you may think of choosing Coursera plus. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • This platform will help you to learn various skills that are currently in demand. You can learn digital marketing, big data, python, etc on this platform.
  • It provides you the flexibility of using it and taking up the courses that you want to learn. You can learn the courses sitting at your home and watching them anytime and anywhere. 
  • If you want to learn multiple skills and do various specializations, it can be the best option that can help you to save a lot of money. 
  • You can get various online certifications on this platform. All these courses are shareable and add up value to your resume. 


Coursera plus is the subscription plan of Coursera that will help you to get access to various courses and specializations. When you pass the course you will get the certifications that you can add to your resume and increase your chances to get selected. This platform is worth it if you want to learn multiple skills and take up multiple courses. But if you just want to take a single course then you must avoid taking up this subscription plan, as it may be more costly for you.

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