How Many Courses Can You Take at University in the UK?

When you are applying to the university you may be confused about taking up the courses. You may not be able to decide which course you will need to select and therefore may think of taking up multiple courses. But the question here is how many courses you can take at the university?

You can take up to five courses at university at a time. Surprised? To find out about interesting topics related to it, read the given article.

How many courses can you take at university?

You can select from five universities and courses on a UCAS application. Nothing prevents you from applying to courses at a single university using each of your five options. If you perform this, you might be admitted to all five. Though you must wait before making last-minute changes to your application. This is because not all universities would be happy if you apply to more than one program with them. Therefore you must think before doing it.

Can you study 2 courses at once?

You can apply to two universities simultaneously and study two different courses at a time. It is more known as dual enrollment. You will be taking two distinct courses at two different colleges during it. You must keep in mind that not all universities will allow you to do this. As a result, you need to communicate with the universities where you intend to enrol. This is because your application to pursue a dual degree at a university will typically be denied because you will have to pay twice of tuition fees. Therefore, you cannot enroll in dual enrollments if you are on a tight budget and thus look for online colleges.

What is a dual degree?

The common procedure that enables you to enroll in two distinct courses at two different or similar colleges is known as the dual degree. You may also call it concurrent enrollment or co-enrollment. In it, two different courses will need to be studied at the same time. As a result, you can only enroll if you believe you have the time to study and can afford the tuition fees.

Why do universities reject dual degree applications?

The most common reason why universities will reject dual degree applications is that they think taking up two different degree courses will increase your tuition fee. Students who have financial problems may not be able to pay it and therefore may reject the application. 

Another reason is that when you take up two different subjects you may not be able to focus on the particular subject. Obviously, this may result in decreasing your grades resulting in falling off the potential result of the university.

Benefits of dual and major and minor degrees

Following are the benefits of dual and major and minor degrees-

  • This will help you to learn two different subjects at a single time. You will not have to drop the idea of learning a new subject. 
  • When you will be graduating you will be holding two degrees in different subjects at a particular time.
  • Studying two different degrees means that you will have to manage your time to learn the subjects. This will help you to develop could time Management and organization skills.

Drawbacks of dual and major and minor degrees

The following are the drawbacks of dual and major and minor degrees-

  • Taking up a dual degree means you have to study two different subjects. Due to this, you may not be able to focus on a single subject.
  • If you have chosen two different streams then the content of both subjects may vary and therefore you may find it difficult to study both subjects.
  • The biggest disadvantage of taking dual degrees is the increase in tuition fees. You will have to pay double of tuition fee which may be a big problem for you.

What is the alternative to a dual degree?

If you are not able to take a dual degree program you can always take major and minor degrees.  Both degrees have the basic fundamentals similar to a dual degree however it has a small difference. This is a common practice in America. When you take a major and minor decrease there is a split between the two subjects which is about 70 and 30 or 75 and 25. In this type of degree, the subject to have chosen in your major degree will be studying more deeply than the subject you have taken in a minor degree. 

Can you swap or drop a university course?

Switching of course recently done your first time. If your course is in the same department then it may be easy for you to change the course. However, if it is in another department or you are switching after the first term you may have to wait for the next academic year.


On a UCAS application, you have a choice to choose from five universities and courses.  You might be accepted to all five as you have the option to apply for all of them. To make last-minute adjustments to your application, you must wait. This is because applying to more than one program with a single university may not be acceptable to all of them. However, you can switch the course in the university in your first term.