Head Boy & Head Girl Speeches: A Student’s Top 10 Tips

Being the school head boy or a girl is a big responsibility. You will need to perform various functions like organizing different events, representing your school, motivating the students, etc. Another responsibility that you may be doing is giving a speech to the students in order to motivate them. We will help you to know various things that you must consider while preparing for the speech. 

Quick Takeaways

  • You must be able to plan different things.
  • As you will be head of a school you will need to have good leadership skills in it. 
  • Make sure that you have the ability to memorize the whole speech and are able to answer all the questions asked by the students. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not forget any of the crucial information regarding the tips for head Boy and head girl. 

Head Boy & Head Girl Speeches: A Student’s Top 10 Tips

Top 10 ideas for head boy or girl to consider while giving a speech

Following are the top 10 ideas, that you must consider while giving a speech as a head boy/girl

1. Planning

Planning is the most important key to being successful in almost every field. The biggest mistake that most of the head boys or girls do is to start writing up the speech without planning for it. You must take your time and plan what you want to speak and what you want to add to your speech. Remember the speech you will be giving to the student will help them to motivate themselves

2. Start writing

When you are planning for your speech, you must make an outline for yourself so that you do not forget what things you are adding to the speech. Creating an outline helps you to involve the best things in the speech and neglect the things that are not needed in the speech.

Once you have planned and created a proper outline, start writing up your speech. Write it in a manner that attracts your audience. You must remember that you are not including any religious or other kinds of things that may hurt the sentiments of other kids.

Head Boy & Head Girl Speeches: A Student’s Top 10 Tips

3. Use a persuasive voice

You must know how to use a persuasive voice in your speech. It is important for you to add it as a head boy or a girl, you will need to persuade other students. You can use rhetorical questions or personal anecdotes to persuade other kids. Being a student, you must be aware of the problems students may be facing and accordingly, you can add those issues and tell the audience that you will be taking care of them. Having a persuasive voice in your speech will help them to get connected with you more easily.

4. Consider your audience

When you are creating the speech for yourself, you must consider the audience you are the target. You must make sure that you are aware of the student’s age, problems, etc. When you are aware of what audience you are giving a speech to, it will be easy for you to make a good speech for yourself. If your audience is the students of smaller classes, you might need to add up easy words so that they can easily understand what are you saying.

5. Taking care of the tone

Your speech is something that reflects a lot of expressions like joy, happiness, emotion, etc. Thus you must make sure that whatever topic you have chosen your speech is written in the flow matching it. For example, if you are speaking about something sad that happened in the past time of school, your speech must be in an emotional tone.

Head Boy & Head Girl Speeches: A Student’s Top 10 Tips

This is extremely important as it helps to get connected with the students more easily. Also when you are delivering the speech, you must emphasize some of the important words of the speech. 

6. Memorizing the speech

Be it an exam, debate, or speech it is extremely important for you to memorize various parts of the speech. When you memorize the important aspects of the speech, you can speak about them even if you do not remember the whole speech. Also when you have memorized the key points it is easy for you to get eye contact with them. 

7. Make eye contact frequently

This is one of the parts that most of the students do not do while giving a speech. You must try to be in eye contact with the students when you are delivering the speech. This is important as it will help to show up confidence in you and will help you to pursue the audience quite well. 

8. Rehearsing

When you have written your speech and are ready to give it to the students, you must rehearse before showing up to the students. It is important for you to practice again and again. As a head boy or girl, you will need to make sure that the students get the best speech. Rehearsing, again and again, will not only make your speech better but also will help to gain your confidence. Try to rehearse in front of the people who you trust.

Head Boy & Head Girl Speeches: A Student’s Top 10 Tips

9. Be ready for answering

As a head boy or a girl, it is your duty you answer all the queries of other students. When you are delivering the speech, there is a high chance that you will be cross-questioned by the students. Thus make sure that whatever you have included in your speech, you must be aware of it. If you have added a hypothetical situation, then you must make sure that you know well about both sides of it. When you answer the queries of other students, it helps to show how serious and passionate are you about your work.

10. Personal appearance

Being a head boy and a girl means that you must look presentable to the students when you are giving them the speech. This has a direct relation with involving the audience with yourself. When you are presentable most people would like to listen up to you. It not only helps to involve the audience but also shows that you are very serious about what you are talking about.


Being a head boy or a girl is not an easy job. You need to do a lot of tasks like organizing various events, representing the school at various places, etc. Thus you must be very confident, mature, and unbiased in nature. As a head, it is your duty to show the other students the right path, and to do so many times you will need to give a speech. You must prepare your speech in a manner that you are able to persuade the students and leave an impact on them.

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