Can a child with special needs be excluded from School?

There are a lot of students who need a lot of special attention. Being a parent of a child who needs special attention is not an easy job. You need to find out the school in which they can easily adjust. This is because the school may exclude your child if he has special needs.

Quick Takeaways

  • Of course, all the schools will legally allow excluding students with special needs. 
  • But will the school you have chosen will exclude your child or not will depend upon the school itself. 
  • The following are the reasons why can your child be excluded-
1. May have special needs
2. Mental health issues
3. Social deprivation
4. May not be serious about their academics
5. Breaking the rules

However, you must read till the end so that you can get a better understanding of if the child with special needs is excluded.

Can a child with special needs be excluded from school?

Yes, schools are legally allowed to exclude students with special needs. However, most schools disapprove of excluding students just because of their special needs. They would only send them if they have broken the rules or done something wrong. Another situation where they may be excluded is if they are affecting the learning of other people. This means that whether the child will be excluded or not will depend upon the way the school works and how the presence of such students is affecting the other students. However, if your child is normal and is not going to school, you may call the police.

What can a child be permanently excluded from?

There could be severe reasons why your child may be excluded permanently from school. Your child may be excluded if have done bullying earlier or break the serious laws of the school. If they are not showing appropriate behavior in the classroom or maybe misbehaving with the teachers, then also your child may be permanently excluded. Though you must try not to get excluded from the school as it will go on your records. This may have a wrong impact on your future. 

What are the different reasons for school exclusion?

There are several effects that a school exclusion may have on you and thus it is important for you to know what are the different reasons for the school exclusion. Following are several such reasons why your child may be excluded from school-

1. May have special needs

As already mentioned that your child may have special needs. In such cases, your child may start creating various behavioral issues like anger towards teachers or students, being disruptive in class, etc. If this is the case then you must try to find out schools that deal with students who have special needs and also provide them with good quality education.

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2. Mental health issues

This is somewhere related to the students who need special care. They might be facing problems like anxiety, depression, etc. Due to the problems, they are facing they might not be able to perform well in the classroom. Thus they might be excluded from the school.

3. Social deprivation

Mostly the students who are excluded from the schools come from disadvantaged families. This might be a common reason for your child as well. If you think that your child is not getting support from the school you must stand for it. Additionally, you can change the school if you want to.

4. May not be serious about their academics

Your child may not take academics seriously. As a result, he/she may not be able to focus in the classroom properly. This is one of the reasons that your child may be excluded from school. If this is the case then try to help them to focus on their academics.

5. Breaking the rules

Another common reason why your child may be excluded from school is that they might have broken the rules of the school. They might have bullied other students which is usually against the law of the school. In such cases again your child will be excluded from school.

How can you prevent your child from being excluded from school?

You can follow the below steps to prevent your child from being excluded from school especially if they have a special need-

Talk to the school

The very first step that you must do is to get in contact with the school itself. Although, you must research properly when you are applying to the school. If your child is someone who has special needs then you must contact them and ask their policies about it. You must find out a school that treats special need student equally and help them to grow.

Special needs-oriented school

Another thing that you can do is to find a school that is oriented toward special needs students. This means that you will be sending your child to the school which will help him/her in development along with taking care of their special needs. The teachers in this school are specifically trained to teach the students who have special needs.


If the above two options are not available for you, you can always choose the homeschooling option. In this option, you can teach your child from the school itself. When you are home-schooling your child they get the required attention and care. You can find the syllabus and the related study material online from various platforms. In this way, you can help them to study efficiently.

What are the different special needs conditions due to which the children may be excluded from school?

Following are the different special needs conditions due to which the children may be excluded from school-

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

In this type of condition, your child may not obey the orders given by you, teachers, or any other higher authority. In this type of situation, the child may have strong anger issues. 

Conduct Disorder (CD)

This type of condition is similar to the above one. The only difference between the both is that the students facing this condition often disobey the rules and orders more than ODD.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

This is one of the most common disorders that is found in children going to school. In this type of condition, the child may become destructive and find it difficult to concentrate in class. Sometimes the students having this problem may become more difficult to handle.


Depending upon the type your child may feel planning in social situations or may be confused about the anger behavior. You may also find the difficult to cope with your child in starting if he /she is facing any autism. However, the good news here is that most of the schools will help you if your child is facing this condition.


There are times when your child may get excluded from school. It is common if the child is someone who needs special care. This means that your school is legally allowed to excuse your child if he/she requires special needs. However, most schools do not exclude them until they break any serious law.