Top 11 Private Schools in England – Ranked by GCSE Results

Every parent does want their children to get into the best school whether it is a local or a private school. According to the school environment the student that’s to learn many skills and if the school is not suitable it will be a waste for the student to send to school for studies. Thus you may want to send the child to go to a private school. But without knowing the best private schools it may be difficult for you to choose the school for your child.

Quick Takeaways

  • The best 11 private schools that you can find in England are-
Brighton College.
AI Burhan Grammar School.
Christian Fellowship School.
Highgate School.
The Harrodian School.
Westminster School.
Manchester High School for Girls.
Derby High School.
One school global UK Biggleswade campus.
Hydesville tower School.
City of London school.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the private schools based on the ranking of GCSEs.

Top 10 Private Schools in England – Ranked by GCSE Results

Before choosing a private school, it is very easy to understand if a private school is worth it for your child or not. It is also important to know what type of curriculum is studied in private schools. The following is the list of the private schools which are being ranked according to the GCSE results

1. Brighton college:

Britain College is a very famous college and it is also awarded as a school of the decade by the Sunday Times. The GCSE results of the student have been very good in the past and are still continuing which is 100% out of a total of 199 students who Have achieved a grade 5 (the average grade) in the subject of English and Math GCSE. There 19.5% of the students have achieved grade 7 or above in their GCSE results. As a result of GCSE, it has a very large number of students in the school.

A minimum of 15% of these students have gained an A grade 9 in every single subject. The school provides the student with a wide range of subjects which are taught to the student in very good and different teaching methods. However, you must remember that you will have to get the results from the school before applying to the school.

2. AI Burhan Grammar School:

AI Burhan Grammar School is for girls who are between 4 to 16. It teaches the girls about the Islamic environment and educates them on Islamic culture by teaching them subjects such as Arabic and Islamic studies. 100% of the students of AI Burhan Grammar School have got grades of 5 or above in both the subject English and math.

When we talk about the qualification of EBacc 60% of the students Have qualified and have an attainment 8 score of 76.9. The school focuses on teaching your child well in all areas, whether education, behavior, etc. This is the reason why the Islamic people send their children to this school.

3. Christian Fellowship School:

The Christian fellowship school is the school for the students who do have the Christian faith. When we talk about the GCSE results there were 100% of the students successfully got a grade of 5 or above in both the subjects English and maths GCSE. Also, there was a year in which the school did have a total of eight students at that time 88% of the students qualified for EBacc. This is also the factor that the attainment 8 score is 69.8%.

4. Highgate School:

The high Gates school is located in the north of the center of London. The School has been awarded many prizes such as London Independent Secondary School of decades Independence School Of The Year etc. The percentage of the students who are chief grade 5 or above in math and English classes make the school rank 5th. The student acquired a percentage of 97% out of 167 students.

There was a year in which the student achieved good grades with 90% achieving a 7,8 or 9. And 74% achieved grade 8 or 9. Looking at the grades achieved by the student it does well explain that the school is good for the children. The school does offer the student a very range of subjects.

5. The Harrodian school:

The school is located in West London. If we talk about the grades achieved by the students 97% of the total 95 students Have achieved a grade of 5 or above in English and math. And also 80% of the students in this school have qualified for an EBacc. The school does offer the student a wide range of subjects and helps them to improve their learning experience.

The student’s progress 8 score is 77.3 which is considered to be an excellent score. They help the student by teaching them an exceptional quality which is important for the student to learn for their bright future.

6. Westminster School:

Westminster school is located in the center of England’s Capital city London. The school has the surrounding historic architecture and digital buildings which help the student to provide learning about England’s past. Around 96% of the students have achieved a grade of 5 or higher 5 in English and math. In this CSE classical Greek, 100% of the student has achieved a grade of 9 and in GCSE Arts 100% of the student has achieved a grade of 9.

7. Manchester High School for Girls:

Manchester High School for Girls is located in the city of Manchester which is occupied by all girls. 96% of the students have achieved a grade of 5 or above in English and math out of 101 students. When we talk about the qualification for EBacc, 76% of the students had qualified from the school and it was to offer the student a wide range of subjects and provide the student with a good quality of education. Their attainment 8 score is 73.2 which is a high score.

The administration also helps the students by encouraging them to take a range of topics at GCSE. The majority of the students stay at the school to carry the education for their MHSG 6th form.

8. Derby High School:

Derby high school is located in Derby. When we talk about grade achievement 96% of the student have achieved a grade of 5 or above in English and Math GCSE. The School has now become a co-educational school in which both boys and girls are permitted to study. The school also have been placed by the standard time as the top-performing school in Derby. Also, 47% of the entries at GCSE from Derby High School have achieved grades 8 and 9 and 73% have achieved grades 7, 8, and 9.

9. One school global UK Biggleswade campus:

One school global UK is in Biggles in the south of England. The school is being named one school global the reason for this is because it is a part of an education organization called one school global which does aim to make education International.

The achievement by 96% of the student has achieved a grade 5 or above in English and maths. About 97% of the student have attended the EBacc from the school. The school provides the student to take a wide range of subjects and get their knowledge expanded.

10. Hydesville tower School:

Hydesville tower school educates girls and boys from the age of 3 to 16. Around 95% of the student Have achieved a grade of 5 or above in English and Math which is a great achievement. In the year 2020 around 52% of the student had achieved a grade of 7 or above when it is compared to 25.5% of the National average and around 100% of the student gained a grade of 8 or more GCSE at grade 4 or above. Also, the School has been ranked as the third highest-achieving Secondary School by the department of education. Schools to have smaller classes but the learning experience for the student is the best and more personalized.

11. City of London School:

The city of London School is located in the city of London as the name explains it. The school is for boys and is available to them for the full day time full stop when we talk about the achievement of grades 99% of the student from the school have achieved an A grade of 5 or above in English and Math grade. The fee for the course taken by the Student is around 19900 euros.


The above information is the data which is shown by the official UK Government. As parents who do want their students to study in the best private school in England, they need to check the record of their achievement of grades by the student and the teaching of a wide range of subjects to the student and allowing them to learn by providing them the best learning experience and helping the student by providing a different style of teaching the student. The above article will let you know about the difference between the different top private schools in England.


Which school got the best GCSE result in 2022?

St Francis College in Letchworth got the best grade result with which 56% of the student who has got grade 8 and 9 which is the highest grades. When you will be getting the result, you will see a mark equivalent that will help you to compare the current and old grading systems.

What percentage of the student gets a 9 at GCSE 2022?

6.6% of GCSE entries have been awarded the highest grade of 9 and 8.5% of the student has awarded a grade of 8