How To Change Your Duolingo App Icon (+ Available App Icons)

What comes to your mind when you think about Duolingo? A green owl is similar to the spectacled owl species. Just like other brands, this owl is the app icon of Duolingo. The app icon is like a logo or image that help you to differentiate the app from the others. Although there is only one app icon, on Duolingo there are different app icons available. Thus here we will help you to know about these icons and also discuss how to change your Duolingo app Icon.


  • You can only change the Duolingo app icon from your mobile and not from the Duolingo browser.
  • If you are a super member you will have to change the icon from your Super Duolingo dashboard.
  • If you are a free user, you will be able to change it from the streak society.
  • There are four different types of Duolingo app icons – Default icon, Super icon, Fire icon, and Party icon. 

However, we still recommend you read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial information related to it.

How To Change Your Duolingo App Icon (+ Available App Icons)

How To Change Your Duolingo App Icon?

The first thing that you will have to complete the course either online or offline. Your Duolingo icon can be easily changed from the app. Change the Duolingo icon will depend upon two different things- 

  • Your device type
  • Number of icons you’ve unlocked

However, it is only possible if you are using Duolingo on your mobile. So if you are using Duolingo on the desktop, you will not be able to change the Duolingo icon. You must also remember that you must have the different icons unlocked. So if you want to change the icon on both IOS and Android devices, there are 2 ways to do it. 

Subscription members

So suppose you are a Duolingo Plus member you will need to follow the given steps-

  • You will have to go to the Super Duolingo dashboard and tap on the Super Duolingo owl at the topmost right corner. 
  • After it, you will see the option of Turn on below the Super App icon, just tap on it. 
  • You will be getting a notification of the successful completion of changing the icon.
  • When you will be back to the device’s home screen, you will see a new icon on your app.
How To Change Your Duolingo App Icon (+ Available App Icons)

Free members

If you are a free user and have reached a 365 streak score you can take the advantage of the streak society. When you have 365 streaks you will be able to get VIP status. You will be able to see all the icons you have unlocked in one place. Thus it is one of the best ways of changing your app icons. 

  • You will again need to go to the streak society dashboard. 
  • There is an option for streak flame at the top of the screen. 
  • You will have to tap on the streak flame and go on the streak society. 
  • There will be again an option of entering now and tapping on it. 
  • Now select the option of changing the app icon and get 3 app icons to choose from. 
  • Select the app icon you want and you will again get the notification for successfully changing the icon. 
  • Now again when you will be back on Duolingo you will be able to see the changed Duolingo icon.

What are the Different Duolingo icons available?

During the time of the Duolingo incubator, there were mainly two different Duolingo icons available. However, at present, there are 4 different app icons available on the platform-

1. Default icon

All Duolingo users begin with the default Duolingo icon. The default icon will be displayed on your screen the first time you download the app. In the default icon, you will see the Duolingo owl of green colour. It looks like a spectacled owl species in the real world. Along with the owl, you will also get some of the characters on the platform.

How To Change Your Duolingo App Icon (+ Available App Icons)

2. Super Icon

You will get the super icon if you have taken Duolingo Plus which is a subscription plan for Duolingo members. The super icon is the one in which the Duolingo owl will be in a green, blue and purple hue. You will see them more Spacey and the owl may also appear in a spacesuit. The app of Duolingo may also turn blue. 

3. Fire Icon

Fire Icon is the one that you will get streak society and become a member of it. This icon is also known as the Streak icon or the streak society icon. If you want to select this icon you can take it from the streak society dashboard. You will see a Duolingo owl in orange colour with a fiery finish. 

4. Party Icon

The Party icon is distinct from the other icons as it appears to be an experiment. This is because there is no way to activate it. You may or may not see that icon, as it simply appears for some users. It was once exclusively available to Duolingo beta app users. Though  Duolingo plans to make it available to all mobile users by early February 2023. The Party icon looks similar to the normal Duolingo owl but it was in the party horn.

How can you get various app icons?

How will you get the various app icons will depend upon the current subscription plan and the length of the streak. Now, this is not related to the default icon. You will be getting the default icon even if you do not have a subscription plan and zero streaks and with every language available on the app. There are more than 40 languages available for English native speakers like Spanish, German, French and Japanese.

How To Change Your Duolingo App Icon (+ Available App Icons)

You will also get to learn different languages with the help of Podcasts. Now if you want the super icon, you will need to get the subscription plan first. You can either take the individual plan or the family plan. Thus it means that you will not be getting any super icons if you are a free member.

Further, if you want the fire icon, you will need to have a 365 streak and be able to use the streak society. However, for some people, it may be activated for a 50-day streak score.  Now let us talk about the last icon which is the celebration icon. There is no such way of activating this icon. You will get this icon randomly. However, for some of the cases you may find it on the Duolingo beta version. Also if you do not find a course worthy you can remove it, but by removing it you will also lose the XP you have collected.


Just like all other apps, Duolingo also has an app icon which is of a green owl which is like spectacled owl species. However, this is the Default icon and you will get it even if you are a free user. To change your Duolingo app icon you must be using Duolingo on mobile and not on the desktop. There are two ways of changing the app icon which depends upon If you are a super member or a free member.

If you are a super member you will have to change the icon from your Super Duolingo dashboard. Whereas, if you are a free user, you will be able to change it from the streak society. You will get different Duolingo app icons- A default icon, a super icon, a fire icon, and a Party icon. 


Can you change the Duolingo app icon?

There is no doubt that you can change the Duolingo app icon. However, you must have some of the icons unlocked and must be using them on mobile.

What are Duolingo status icons?

Duolingo status icons are nothing but just emojis that are used to represent your feelings. They will appear next to your usernames when you are taking part in weekly leaderboards.

How many Duolingo icons are there?

There are currently four different Duolingo icons available on the app- A default icon, a super icon, a fire icon, and a party icon. 

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