How to become a PRN? What is PRN in Nursing? Certification & All

If you have pursued an RN, then after that you can go for a PRN nursing job position. It is a healthy option for you in this field. PRN stands for per diem nurse who serves herself by working in hospitals, clinics, medical labs, or with other short-term faculties temporarily as a fill-in. As we all know everything has two sides, one is bad another is good. Likewise, working as a PRN holds good aspects but bad ones too. But if you want to become a PRN  then no one can stop you from pursuing it. So how to become a PRN?

Quick Takeaways

  • PRN defines the nurses who work for the hospital when the need arises, not permanently.
  • To become a nurse in PRN, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and after it, you need to have a nursing diploma. 
  • After it, you need to get the related experience, and based on it you will be getting the related experience.  

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to how can you become a PRN in nursing.

How to become a PRN? What is PRN in Nursing? Certification & All

What is PRN in nursing?

As mentioned above PRN stands for pro re neta in the Latin language which means as needed. PRN defines the nurses who work for the hospital when the need arises, not permanently. They do not hold any schedule set for their day. They tend to replace the staff for a short period when the hospital needs them. You might not be knowing the difference between the three terms which are registered nurse, RN, and PRN. 

The registered nurse is considered a permanent worker in the hospital and gives her full time there. Whereas, a PRN works for temporary purposes in any place for a short time. PRN is a registered nurse who has medical experience and works in a hospital, clinic, agency, or any other place for a short time of the period for a short purpose. You can also look for becoming a fertility nurse or midwife if you really want to help patients with their medical careers.

How to become a PRN? – PRN Nurse

Folks, if you know how to become a PRN nurse, then you are right here. You will easily pursue most of the prospects in this era. Let us have a glimpse at the points by reading the following points: 

  • Firstly, you should have your bachelor’s degree from any recognized institution just like a nuclear engineer. Also, they should have a master’s degree. It takes around 2 years to complete the nursing degree program for any individual. But it will take 4 years to complete your bachelor’s degree in nursing. 
How to become a PRN? What is PRN in Nursing? Certification & All
  • Nursing is a vast course in the medical field. People can even go for a nursing diploma if they don’t want to pursue a bachelor’s degree for 4 years. You can give tests and they will take around 2-3 years to complete. Individuals can spend their time in nursing and earn a valuable amount of money by fetching a job in any of the desired places. 
  • When you earn your degree after working hard for some years, then you will be given a license so that you can practice as a nurse. The type of nursing you want to pursue may vary from place to place, likewise, the license needs will be varying from state to state. 
  • They will take your National Certification Licensure Exam For becoming PRN. After that, you need to work as an RN for one year before getting the position of PRN. 
  • You will have opportunities after pursuing to work as a PRN nurse, which is to fill in the nursing position when required by the hospital. In short, these nurses will play a nursing role with some particular skills. 
  • So, it is required to choose the right opportunity for you to become a PRN nurse. 
How to become a PRN? What is PRN in Nursing? Certification & All

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the process of becoming a PRN. The nurses in PRN  don’t have any schedule or function set as they work as a freelancer or as temporary employees. But you have a lot of time to explore, forts know about the requirements for becoming a PRN and also the benefits you can gain from it, then only make your decision. I hope this information will be helpful to you all. 


How long does it take to go to PRN?

It will take around 2-3 years to complete the nursing course and pursue the PRN. 

Is a PRN job worth it?

Yes, it is a great job if you want to involve in working under someone rather than setting your schedule. 

Is PRN the same as part-time?

Yes, it’s kind of similar to the part-time job as the PRN nurses get a call when there is a vacancy to fill in. 

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