Troubleshooting while Learning about Electrical Energy Transfer

Often I explain energy usage as having this negative component. We talk about nonrenewable resources and their strain on our planet. While that is true, it’s also important to teach that the actual invention of electrical energy is a pretty cool thing! The hard part is how we humans use (or abuse) the resources thatContinue reading “Troubleshooting while Learning about Electrical Energy Transfer”

Energy Fundamentals

Before we can dive into problem-solving and advocacy work, students need to understand what it is that they are working with. My students this year are tasked with creating a functional outdoor classroom. The main criteria is that it must all run on clean energy. Well, what is energy? This summer I attended a CleanContinue reading “Energy Fundamentals”

What Kind of Bug Is That?

Yesterday on my hike it was beautiful, foggy, and very windy: Among the beautiful and diverse wildflowers, I also noticed a small green bug. The reason I noticed it wasn’t because it was big, in fact is was half the size of the tip of my finger! No, the fact that is was bright greenContinue reading “What Kind of Bug Is That?”

Experiment: How different fibers dissolve?

Esme, from the Office of Sustainability, has another fun experiment for us to try! It further helps us to understand where our waste goes, and how we can be zero-waste contributors. In this experiment you will be “exploring how paper fibers break apart in water and exploring what different papers are made of.” Now thatContinue reading “Experiment: How different fibers dissolve?”

#Extra Bag Challenge

Ever go to the beach on the weekends? Maybe you go more often. You know what you can find at the beach? Waves, water, sand, shells, and unfortunately TRASH! Many people leave behind trash. If you know anything about tides (which are affected by the moon’s gravitational pull), the water will go through periods ofContinue reading “#Extra Bag Challenge”