Associative Property of Multiplication

The Associative Property of Multiplication doesn’t get much credit. It is sort of a term that is thrown about with little care. More often than not students are finding the patterns and doing the work without realizing there is terminology to what they are doing. Today I gave a remote learning mini-lesson on just this.Continue reading “Associative Property of Multiplication”

Water Makes Us Happy!

For this week’s Math Investigation you are going to map the quickest route to the nearest body of water. Why? Because being around water makes us happy! “Water is changing all the time, but it’s also fundamentally familiar. It seems to entertain our brains nicely with novelty plus a soothing, regular background. Envisage yourself beingContinue reading “Water Makes Us Happy!”

Art with Factors and Multiples

Multiplication is the root of most all the Math you will encounter through 4th and 5th Grade. Knowing what factors pair up to get a product (answer to a multiplication problem) is a great way to make your work more efficient. Factors are the numbers being multiplied, and the multiple is the answer. For example,Continue reading “Art with Factors and Multiples”

Floor Plan for our Outdoor Classroom

Help! I need to figure out how to place all the desks and chairs in our outdoor classroom next school year. With COVID-19 restrictions, Serendipity must have more classrooms available because we cannot fit more than 15 students in a classroom. Lucky for us, 4th and 5th Grade Math and Science will be taught inContinue reading “Floor Plan for our Outdoor Classroom”

Prime and Composite Numbers

This Math Investigation is coming to you a little early. I wanted you all to see what it will look like as you start your Math adventure this summer. Knowing prime and composite numbers are extremely helpful throughout Math, especially with division and fractions. To begin, we need to know what factors of a multipleContinue reading “Prime and Composite Numbers”