Rewriting the Narrative of Airplane Travel

When I was younger I was set to become a travel writer. The experiences, the stories, and the prestige. Traveling the world gives off the aroma of wanderlust and freedom. To be a scientist, a journalist, or a photographer is to travel and learn through investigation and captured stories. When in the company of aContinue reading “Rewriting the Narrative of Airplane Travel”

Return to In-person Learning with a Heat Wave, Poor Air Quality, & Technical Issues

This article is not meant to be cathartic or to complain or compete in the busy olympics with teachers around the United States. This is for my records, my documentation, the history of what happened when teaching during COVID-19. Part of teaching is rolling with changes, making adjustments in the middle of the lesson, readingContinue reading “Return to In-person Learning with a Heat Wave, Poor Air Quality, & Technical Issues”

Creating a Classroom Out of Tent

Well, today was the first day that I was able to really start moving furniture around. There is still much to do, but with the progress today, I feel motivated to keep moving. At this time, the front and back doors (flaps) are being fixed. There was a rip in the zipper, and we neededContinue reading “Creating a Classroom Out of Tent”

The Waiver Has Come

Our school has been granted the waiver to reopen our campus and have in-person teaching. I, of course have mixed feelings. On one hand I am thrilled to be back teaching where students learn best; On the lower end of the seesaw, I’m apprehensive because, well… you know. There are schools who have opened upContinue reading “The Waiver Has Come”