Kirkus Review

I have enjoyed reading the reviews #WeHaveSomethingtoSay has received. It is interesting to me what readers hear and want to share. This particular #bookreview was especially interesting, as it is the only one so far that hit on the #Latinx issue that is sprinkled in throughout the book. Thank you, #KirkusReview

Independent Book Review

An inspiring and heartfelt novel about a young girl’s fight against theclimate crisis, We Have Something to Say will encourage you to not onlyspeak up but to speak out. Jenny Barajas has always kept quiet because she worries that she isn’t as smart as theother kids in her class. When her new middle school scienceContinue reading “Independent Book Review”

“Local Teacher’s New Book Inspires Youth”

It has been a few weeks now since We Have Something to Say! was released. I have been overwhelmed by friends, family, and students who have happily purchased the book I wrote. I was nervous at first to put it out there in the world, because it felt like bragging, boasting, and putting myself atContinue reading ““Local Teacher’s New Book Inspires Youth””