10 Best Ph.D. Programs in English

A PhD is the highest qualification that a person can have in the academic field. Ph.D. in English makes the person an expert in the language, communication skills, literature, and academic presentation.Ph.D. in English opens the door to providing good earnings and many career options can be approached like teaching, research, and media. Becoming an education administration builds the quality of strong leadership, good communication skills, and critical thinking skills of the person. The salary of the PhD varies depending on the experience of the person, geographic location, and the specific career the person is involved in. But what are the best PhD programs in English that you can take?

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are some of the best PhD programs in English that you can take up-
1. University at Buffalo
2. University of California
3. University of Maryland
4. The University of Texas at Austin
5. University of Wisconsin
6. Harvard University, The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
7. Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences
8. Cornell University, The Department of Literatures in English
9. The University of Pennsylvania
10. University of Michigan

However, you must read till the end to learn more about these PhD programs in English in detail.

Best Ph.D. Programs in English:

Below listed are some of the best Ph.D. Programs in English:

1. University at Buffalo:

The university at buffalo ranks top not just in the country but according to the center for world university ranking it ranks top across the world. The university offers the student one of the best programs. The student after being a part of the university can actively participate in every field of the program. The student is considered to be part of the process by attending and voting at the department meeting. the student needs to qualify for the oral exam. The average net price of the university is $15895. The program is approximately completed in 5 years that requires 72 credits that are being completed by 10 graduate  seminar course that includes :

  • American and British literature
  • Poetics and critical theory 
  • modernism

 2. University of California:

The University of California is considered to be the fourth-best university according to the US News and World Report ranking. The university has also won the awards from American comparative literature association  (ALLA)and the modern language association. The environment of the university is highly glorious. You can also choose to have cheerleading programs.

The Ph.D. program includes comparative literature that contains theoretical and historical literature. This is completely approximately in 7 years. The university also helps the student by providing scholarships and helping with financial aid for paying the cost of Ph.D. literature. The average net price of the university is $17862. The student has to choose one of the literature that is being completed in 10 courses and that has three kinds of literature :

  • Comparative literature 
  • A major type of literature 
  • Minor type of literature

3. University of Maryland:

The University of Maryland is considered to be the first nation “do good” university. the university includes a total of 297 academic programs. The average net price of the university is $16790. The university is also nationally ranked in Ph.D. English. the student who is interested to teach in the university level is taught literacy, cultural and language courses. The courses are completed in 12 courses and the student has to maintain a GPA i.s 3.6. The student with the course have to study these subjects in depth for gaining knowledge :

  • literary and cultural history,
  • aesthetic, critical, and cultural theory
  • digital and media studies
  • language, rhetoric, and composition

4. The University of Texas at Austin:

The university has an excellent academic program which may be ranked fourth. It is one of the best graduate schools as per us news and world reports ranking. The student of the course needs to complete the 39 graduate seminar hours by the end of the third year. The environment of the university is highly competitive and the acceptance of students in the Ph.D. program is around 12-14 students. The average cost of the university is $18k. The graduation rate of the student is 82%. The acceptance rate is around 32%.

The university also ranked at no. 33 in the world and ranked no.21 in the US and according to the center for world university ranking, it ranked at no.7.they mainly focus on the research part, monitoring the students, and mentoring the students. if the student is having any teaching assistantships that provide 6 years of full funding.

5. University of Wisconsin:

The University of Wisconsin is mainly known for its research and has been ranked 8th in the nation due to the volume of research. The university offers 9000+ courses including 450 academic programs.  The average cost price is $17k and the graduation rate of the student is 87%. the acceptance rate of the student is 57%. The minimum GPA required to get into the university is 3.50. The courses are divided into three concentrations:

  • Major course
  • Minor courses
  • Research courses 

Also, once you are selected for the course, always use plagiarism detectors like Safeassign to look for the copied content in the assignments that you included in your final assignments.

6. Harvard University, The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:

Harvard University was founded in 1636 and is one of the oldest universities in the country. The university includes one of the best programs for Ph.D. in the country and across the world. The university has an integrated program that includes both the degree i.e master of arts in English and the Ph.D. and takes about 4-7 years to complete the integrated program.

During the program, the student will have deep knowledge of literature, culture, and theory too. also improves the skills of the student like writing skills, giving presentations, teaching, and about academic work ae university also provides a scholarship program according to the student’s skills, knowledge, and background. The acceptance rate of the university is 5%. Further, when you will be giving the assignments to the professors, they will try to check the words in them.

7. Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences:

Stanford University was founded in 1885. The university acceptance rate is 4% due to the highly competitive institution. It has one of the best Ph.D. programs mainly focusing on literary history. the students are helped to become. the scholars by following the new way of learning using technology and media. Stanford University is a private research university.

8. Cornell University, The Department of Literatures in English:

Cornell University is a private university and was founded in 1865. The acceptance rate of the university is 8.7%. The students of the university are provided with a lot of educational opportunities at different levels of education. The students have to choose fields like women’s studies, linguistics, and philosophy. Every year the student accepts around 10 students and provides offers in funding. The various ranges of concentration granted for the English languages and literature are :

  • American literature
  •  African American literature 
  • English poetry
  • Cultural studies

9. The University of Pennsylvania:

The university was founded in 1740 and it is a private university. The university does not just focus on submitting the dissertation and passing the exam, it guides the students, and makes them actively participate in the social community department for gaining and giving collective knowledge. The students get a better understanding of English and American literature. The university cost tuition fee per year is $37578. The acceptance rate of the university per year is 9%. However when you are in the PhD program and need to submit the dissertation always use Safeassign to check if there is any plagiarism in it or not.

10. University of Michigan:

The University of Michigan aims for the student mainly to teach them, get the research, and write about the collective community. The university has a specialization in teaching students in American and British literature. The average price of the university is $15k. The graduation rate of the university is around 92% and the acceptance rate of the student is 26%.

In the first year, the student has to complete the studies in two basic languages or advanced languages and complete three upper-level graduate seminars. In the second year, the student has to pass the preliminary examination and the third year is to provide feedback and the last few years are for the completion of the dissertation. 

What is the salary for a Ph.D. in English?

The salary of the Ph.D. holder in English depends on various factors like the role of the current job, the level of experience, the geographic location, and the position of the person as per the department of work. The salary of a Ph.D. in English degree per year is considered to be approximately $60000.


The student who is willing to do a Ph.D. in English should have patience as the way to attain the degree is very long. the person not only gets the knowledge or makes an expert in the language and literature but helps to gain the professional skill, and academic presentation, etc. after having done a Ph.D. in English various opportunities are open for the person.

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