How Much Does a High School Math Tutor Cost?

A student generally needs a tutor if they need extra help in the subject to make them learn and understand the topic more deeply. If the student gets tutoring for a particular subject then the student may have a better score on the exam as tutoring will increase their understanding and knowledge about the subject. One such subject in which most of the students may have doubts is maths. Thus if you have an interest in maths you can always think of becoming a maths tutor. Though it might be hard to become a maths tutor, you can always think of becoming one.

Quick Takeaways

  • The cost of a high school math tutor depends on various factors.
  • The minimum hourly rate can be considered $25 and the maximum can be $60.
  • The tutor who is a college student or the graduate student will cost less for tutoring in math.
  • In private tutoring, the cost of the teacher is higher when compared to teaching in a group.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss the crucial facts related to the average cost of a maths tutor.

Average Cost of High School Math Tutor?

The average cost of a high school math tutor is considered to be about $50 to $60 per hour varying on the location also. The minimum cost of a high school math tutor is considered to be $25 to $40 per hour. In high school, math consists of topics such as abstract algebra and advanced calculus. So you will need to be experienced and know the subject and all the skills of teaching a student.

Some of the students hire more than one tutor for high school math as the tutor has a speciality in a particular topic. If the tutor is best in the topic of abstract algebra only then the student needs to hire one more tutor for teaching advanced calculus. As the tutor will teach the student more in-depth about the subject in which they have the knowledge and are comfortable.

Who are the tutors that cost more?

The tutor who is a college student or the graduated student will cost less for tutoring in math as they don’t have any experience in teaching and no skills in teaching. But if the student is being taught by a high school teacher or the tutor is a college math teacher, will cost more as they have a full experience of how to teach a student.

Such a tutor will understand the problem faced by the student in the topic more quickly and will have all the knowledge and experience about how exams are being set for the student. We can say that the teaching of a well-experienced tutor will be more effective and the student will learn and understand the subject easily.

What is the cost of the tutor of private vs group tutoring?

When we talk about private tutoring, here the tutor is teaching a single student so they may demand a high fee from the student. While in group tutoring the tutor has to focus on the various students so they may get low cost for tutoring.

If the tutor has more than 2 students then the tutor may agree to teach you at a low price. Also if the teaching is to be done on a subject which is not relatable to the tutor’s best knowledge then also they may charge you fewer fees.

The tutor from the tutoring service charges more:

If the student gets a tutor with the help of a tutoring service not by hiring the tutor locally as a college teacher or a graduate, then the fee expected from the tutor hired from the tutoring service will be more. As the tutor who is hired with the help of a tutoring service has to give the same amount of commission to the tutoring services also.

The average amount given to them is between 40% to 70% of the earnings by tutoring the student. So this is the main reason the tutor from the tutoring service will demand more fees from the student so that if they give some amount of the fee to the tutoring service it will not affect much the tutor’s salary earned by teaching a student.

What are the main factors impacting the cost of a math tutor?

  • If the tutor is teaching by the online method then the cost of the tutoring will be impacted by the tutoring session length as the average cost of tutoring for 30 minutes is considered to be about $15. So longer tutoring session length will be the cost price. You can look for different online tutoring platforms to teach maths to other students.
  • If the tutor is coming to teach you by covering a long distance or by traveling. then the tutor will include the cost of traveling in the fee of the tutoring.
  • The cost of the tutoring also will increase when the math complexity will increase as if the student is of a lower class then the tutor will not charge much for it. But if the tutor has to teach the student the advanced level of math then the cost will be charged more.
  • The location also affects the cost of tutoring a student. as if the tutor is living in an expensive area then the cost of the tutor will be higher.


The cost of a high school math tutor depends on various factors if they are teaching as a private tutor will cost about $40 to $125 per hour or for a group of students that cost about $20 to $50 per hour, the location of the tutoring, the qualification and also the experience of the tutor.


Why is the math tutor so expensive?

As math tutors for high school students, they have to teach the student by planning the syllabus and giving all their effort into teaching a student.

What do parents look for in a tutor?

The parents look for a tutor who has experience in teaching and is professional.

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