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Hello, I’m Sonia Myers! If I had to sum it up I would say I am equal parts writer, reader, environmentalist, and educator. In between all those cracks you will find lots of love. I am advocate for environmental literacy for the youth, because I believe if we offer the youth the tools to learn about our world, to ask questions, and to find solutions, that they will help heal our planet and help to sustain its beauty for many, many more generations.
Witnessing an ever-expanding population growth in Silicon Valley, a short distance from my home on the coast of California, I understood that my personal affection for the natural world must be spread to others if there was still a beautiful world to love in. Before teaching, I worked in journalism where I wrote profile pieces and reported on sports, taking many of my own photographs. It was at 30 I realized that change was not going to come from those who were reading the paper. Change would need to come from the future. How do you change the future? It is to inspire the children of our future. That was when I took to the classroom in order to educate the youth, who would be the leaders in preserving our natural world, as well as the solutionaires in the inevitable adaptations to come.
I also write books! Most of what I teach is environmental literacy and sustainability, and what I have come to realize is that most of the reading material for students, ages 8-14, regarding climate change is nonfiction, or not at the level they can comprehend and truly connect with. I believe if students had more options for their leisure reading to learn about climate change, they could harness the power of advocacy and action and get involved in the solutionary work. Students are inspired by the stories they read. Why not put into their hands the story of their time in a format that is relatable? Something they can connect with and read. In a world where the health of the planet is at stake, and climate mitigation is essential if we are to live in the beautiful world that is our history and our future, children are at the forefront of the movement. Writing for middle readers gets the stories out there in a language the youth can understand.
Currently, I teach 6th Grade Earth Science, and an Agricultural Science class that is part of the CTE program of Green Career Awareness. I am also a National Geographic certified educator, and a 2021 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow through National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. I completed the Science and Environment Teacher Fellowship and the Clean Energy Teacher Fellowship through the San Mateo Environmental Learning Collaborative, and was recognized as a Standout Leader in environmental and sustainable education through the One Planet Schools Challenge.

Education is our tool to act individually and with others to make change for our present and future communities. 🌎
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