Working on this garden has really made me appreciate those that do hard manual labor, landscaping, hired gardening and maintenance. While I am no trained expert, I can understand there is quite a bit of effort, physical stamina, and, just the overall ability to to stick with the job even when it looks terrible after hours of work (I guess that is mental stamina).

This week, with the help of the weed wacker (I know, y’all are tired of hearing about it), I was able to really clear out most of the available space. This kind of progress helped to see that the project was moving along, and it helped me to do little things, like pick up small bits of trash around the garden, and weed the very front where tiny little weeds still sprouted.

The pile of dirt on the left, is slowly being shoveled into smaller, more tidy bins. The corn, beans, and pumpkins are growing beautifully, and I can pretty much walk everywhere without having to push away 6-foot weeds to get through. There is still a large pile of weeds on the right I need to move, and allow to decompose elsewhere; And I need to take out some more in the very back, and possibly trim down the rest another inch or so. But! I am very close to being ready for the stumps to come in. I put in the word with the school crew (they are so heavy we need a fork lift), and I’m thinking this week may be the week that the outdoor classroom is “built.”

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