Tools Make a Difference

While I do not have have machines out here, I did get an upgrade from some of the broken tools I had been using. The hedge shears were a huge plus, the sharpened sickle, and a working rack made a big difference out there today. Plus I had a little help today. Nothing compares to when you can you more accomplished in the same amount of time – in regards to pulling weeds.

While the pictures show a disaster area, I know that there is progress being made. It was 6-7 foot high in weeds. Now it stands about a foot tall. I want to get those weeds to about 2 inches. I figure when most of the heavy work is complete, I can come in with a weed wacker (that same one I keep talking about).

The pile of weeds I am accumulating. Where will they end up? As of now, not sure. I have started a new pile on the other side of the garden.

What was maybe the best part of today’s weeding session, was a few little rocks that were deliberately placed inside the garden. I have no idea who made them, but it was a nice reminder that I am doing what I love, and I feel good about the work involved. Thank you!

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