Clearing out space is an understatement. Each time I head out to the garden I am immediately overwhelmed with the amount of weeds that need to be removed, in order to build an outdoor classroom. I really need to get that weed wacker! I have been out there with pruning shears, a sickle, and a rake. It is not efficient in the least, and it feels like a huge waste of time, when I could get some sort of machine to do the work five times as fast. The good news is that slowly but surely the work is getting done, and the space is getting cleared out. This is a lesson in patience, for sure.

It is not all terrible, though. I brought my nieces out with me last Thursday. One of them will be in my class next year, and I thought it would be neat for her to be able to see a before and after, as well as being a part of the plant cultivation. Both of them helped to water the plants, and they came up with planting a giant sunflowers at the front of the garden. When school starts the sunflowers will act as a fence to the garden, and look beautiful. This is the hope. There is a lot of soccer being played on the fields next to the garden, and today I noticed that a ball must have made its way into the garden beds, because some of the corn had been taken out, and one of the pumpkin plants was smashed. That’s just the way it is when you share space.

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