Start Planting

To start the school garden off with a beautiful bang in the Fall, when the students return, I decided that the THREE SISTERS would be a perfect lesson and bountiful harvest.

I learned about the Three Sisters from reading Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book, Braiding Sweetgrass. She writes about the long tradition of these three plants working together to grow and sustain peoples for thousands of years. Kimmerer uses the analogy of the corn as the oldest sister who grows tall and study; The beans are the middle sister who wants to be like the older sister, but needs her support to grow tall; And, the youngest sister is the squash that is happy to be different, covering the ground.

I planted Silver Queen corn, pole beans, and Howdie pumpkins.

With help, we cleared out a lot of space between the beds to move around the garden with ease. Don’t they look beautiful!!

I also planted a few potatoes that are ready to be put into the dirt. Though I wonder if their roots are too much? I will have more potatoes ready to plant in just another week or two.

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