Neighborhood Pantry

One More Row

The idea of a neighborhood pantry is that we give what we can, and we take only what we need. There are many people who suffer from food insecurity. You may never know who they are, but they could very well be your neighbor. Food insecurity means that you cannot put a healthy meal on your table everyday. Sometimes food insecurity is temporary, and other times it can last much longer. Building a neighborhood pantry lets people know they are not alone, and there are others out there that want to help. It also helps to build neighborhood engagement.

This spring I planted One More Row, that includes tomatoes, lettuces, peppers, zucchinis, and more with the intention to share with others. Through quite a bit of trial and error, by mid June 2021, I will open up my neighborhood pantry with fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs that I grew. I want to open up and normalize the idea of growing food to share with our neighbors.

Even if you are not food insecure, I invite you to One More Row to share in the joy of giving and receiving.

Mint grows wild. I find the best way to use mint is to make tea. I harvest big bunches and hang them above my fireplace. After a week, I grind down the leaves in my molcajete, and I have mint tea. It is refreshing, and soothing, especially in the evening.

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