Creating a Classroom Out of Tent

Well, today was the first day that I was able to really start moving furniture around. There is still much to do, but with the progress today, I feel motivated to keep moving.

At this time, the front and back doors (flaps) are being fixed. There was a rip in the zipper, and we needed to send it back. It will be coming in very soon.

As you can see from this picture we placed three beautiful garden beds in front of the classroom that can be used throughout the school year, and they give the tent a sort of grace and homey feel. Theses garden beds were in a different part of the school, and the plants inside were taken from other pots and up-cycled from other areas of the school. With the help a 3 grown adults, they made their way over to the outdoor classroom.

It’s hard to see but I built the little greenhouse back up (mid, right side). It will stay outdoors when we are at school, and brought back in at night. We will definitely have a mixture of plants throughout the room, mostly those that do not need as much sun. And, lucky for us, the hose reaches our classroom!

This is only day 1 of the creation process. I will update photos as I update the classroom.

Thinking ahead… this tent holds the potential to create the most incredible solar system! Think about the stars that will twinkle and the expanse of our universe.

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