The Waiver Has Come

Our school has been granted the waiver to reopen our campus and have in-person teaching. I, of course have mixed feelings. On one hand I am thrilled to be back teaching where students learn best; On the lower end of the seesaw, I’m apprehensive because, well… you know. There are schools who have opened up and been forced to shut down. The wheels in my head can’t help but turn.

However, being back on campus in three weeks means that the long-awaited outdoor classroom will be put to use! And, that is enough excitement to put a damper on my anxieties.

Both of my classes will be brainstorming ideas, and following a Geo Inquiry process of finding solutions to the problems that are apparent or may arise as a result of being outside (or nearly outside). The constant reminder is that the main criteria is that the classroom must run on clean energy.

Today we did a review and held space for a more in-depth discussion about fossil fuels, after learning about the carboniferous period through two informative videos:

I then asked students, using On a scale of 1-5 what is your sense of urgency for stopping the use of non-renewable resources? One student said he wanted to live his life and not worry, but that if he didn’t worry then those that come after him won’t even have the choice to just live their life.

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