We are getting CREATIVE~

Last week, in a small group setting, 5th Graders looked at photos of the outdoor classroom that will soon encompass them. They were excited with the size, 900 sq. ft. and the overall idea of something new and different.

I should add, they as well as the 4th Graders, will only be outdoors half the time. Nonetheless, it is pretty cool, and they should be excited.

Next came: what problems or issues do you foresee happening in this Outdoor Classroom? From there students brainstormed a list of possible problems:

  • Too hot
  • Too cold
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Animal Disturbances
  • School drills
  • Water getting under
  • What if the tent ripped
  • Could our stuff get stolen

It opened up a productive conversation which naturally led to solutions! They were then tasked with designing a solution to one of those problems. They had a bag of maker space items (given to them on materials pick-up-day) with which to build. They could also use other items from home.

The only criteria is that our outdoor classroom must run on clean energy.

Here are some examples (video stills from a Flip Grid response explaining their design):

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