Math Freedom Posters

The first day of school has begun, and so has Distance Learning. With all that comes with the start of the year, and the way last school year ended, Math can be one of those subjects where students feel behind. I declare, NO ONE IS BEHIND. We are all right where we need to be.

When the confidence of students dwindles or is shot altogether it can feel like a difficult mountain to climb. In reality, there is no mountain (except for the views at the top!).

“The difference between successful and unsuccessful students is less about the content they learn and more about their mindsets.” (Jo Boaler, 2016). This means that when we have growth mindset beliefs about ourselves we can reach past what we thought possible. 

Today’s activity came in parts. First in a LIVE, whole-group session, students broke up into Break Out Rooms to discuss where they see multiplication in the world outside of a Math class. They talked about baking and cooking. Another student said he needed new custom sheets, and his family needed to know the volume and perimeter of his mattress.

Next, in a LIVE small-group session, we built a web of all things Math in our Math Journals, under the section Math & Art. We started with “Math Observations” in the middle of the page, and the students then added what came to mind. I just wrote MATH 5 times! As we were writing down our ideas, I asked them to make connections. For example, What operation does Area and Perimeter connect with? Then students could draw a line or arrow connecting the two observations.

Then came their ON-DEMAND assignment: Look through the posters that were created by the You Cubed Team (Jo Boaler) at, and see which one calls to you. From there the students were to make their own Math Freedom Poster. Students could chose their own words, or another quote they found inspiring for Math. They needed to upload two photos to Seesaw: a picture of their artwork, and where they hung it up in their work space.

This download is the Keynote I used in class. I shared the posters from the website during class, but did not attach here. I also uploaded this keynote to the Seesaw.

Here are a few incredible student examples:

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