Starting Remotely

I will be beginning the school year in distance learning. The big DL. There are wisps of hope in the air singing waiver grant, but they are as far as a swimming a mile out to sea. Rightfully so. The safety of the students and staff are of large importance, and should not be taken lightly. When it is safe to reopen, we will.

This of course means the outdoor classroom is on hold. But, does it? Not entirely. While we cannot physically be in the classroom, we can plan for our return.

At this point there is a tent sitting out in the middle of the blacktop with desks and chairs. That is all. There are no lights, no heating, not cooling, no outlets. The outdoor classroom is as exactly as it needs to be. A perfect real-world skeleton for students to breathe life into. As I begin this school year staring at a computer screen, monitoring break out rooms, and hovering over the mute button, our revolutionary journey of a clean energy outdoor classroom commences.

With the eyes of an explorer and the energy of a boundless student, we will look at what is before us, and find solutions.

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