What Kind of Bug Is That?

Yesterday on my hike it was beautiful, foggy, and very windy:

Among the beautiful and diverse wildflowers, I also noticed a small green bug. The reason I noticed it wasn’t because it was big, in fact is was half the size of the tip of my finger! No, the fact that is was bright green is what caught my attention.

The hike wasn’t far in distance, 1.7 miles to the top (3.4 miles round trip), but it had an elevation gain of 1,804 feet. On the lower half of the hike that is less steep, I counted 10 of the green bugs. I did not see them any more on the second half, close to the top of the mountain. Each of the ten that I saw were all directly on the path.

Something to note: the lower part of the trail was narrow, and the higher part was wider…

I was curious as to what kind of bug it was. Are you?

Here are a few sites to identify the bug: http://insectidentification.org and http://leafyplace.com

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What do you think it is?
  • Why do you think it was on the lower part of the trail, where the path is narrow?
  • Or, was it hiding in the upper part of the trail where the path is wider?
  • Is it native to the area (Montara, California)? If so, how did it get here?
  • Is it harmful to the ecosystem, or helpful?

Let me know what you discover! Send it over to sonia@serendipityschool.com

Happy Trials!

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