Floor Plan for our Outdoor Classroom

Help! I need to figure out how to place all the desks and chairs in our outdoor classroom next school year. With COVID-19 restrictions, Serendipity must have more classrooms available because we cannot fit more than 15 students in a classroom. Lucky for us, 4th and 5th Grade Math and Science will be taught in a large tent outdoors. This is very exciting! Working outside is a perfect way to connect more to the subjects taught, and research shows that being outside makes us happier! Win-win! 

I need your help to design a floor plan for the placement of our furniture, as well as the space needed between us all to be safe and healthy so we can continue with our education.

Here are the facts:

The space we have is 30 ft x 30 ft2

7 student desks at 6 ft2 x 3 ft2 each

15 chairs and seating space at 3 ft2 each

1 storage desk at 4 ft2 x 7 ft2

1 storage desk at 3 ft2 x 2 ft2

There are 14 students in the classroom

1 Teacher

2 students per table, at opposite ends

6 feet of distance between each human

Your Task: Using the graph paper in your math journal, sketch a floor plan to fit all students, plus 1 teacher, and all the furniture safely in our outdoor classroom. Draw out all the student desks, seating space, and storage desks. Take your time, use a PENCIL (you may have to do a lot of erasing) and a RULER to make straight lines.

Label the AREA (area = length x width) for all desks, seating space, and storage desks.

Label the space to show where there is 6 feet of separation among students.

A little extra challenge: If you wanted to leave a 1 square foot “buffer” around the inner perimeter so we can hang student work and plants, how much square footage would we be left with?

Your design might be the design we use in the Fall!

Student Work, with color key

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