#Extra Bag Challenge

Ever go to the beach on the weekends? Maybe you go more often. You know what you can find at the beach? Waves, water, sand, shells, and unfortunately TRASH! Many people leave behind trash. If you know anything about tides (which are affected by the moon’s gravitational pull), the water will go through periods of high tide and low tide throughout the day, which means that if something is left on the beach it is going to be taken out to sea during a high tide. That means that the little piece of trash that was left behind finds its way into the ocean and can cause a lot of harm to marine life.

Looking at this list we can see the items that are most often found during beach clean-ups. If they get left behind they are no longer part of a beach clean-up but now in the ocean.

The good news is that you can take ACTION! When you head out to the beach, bring an #extrabagchallenge. Why? To pack your own trash when you leave, but you can to clean up what others left behind. Using gloves (highly recommended), and a bag, walk along the sand and collect what was is left behind so that it doesn’t end up in the ocean.

If you have a reusable bucket to pick up trash, that is a better option. However, if you are immediately deterred from being a OCEAN-HERO because you do not have a bucket, please carry on with a bag. Better in a bag in a trash can than in the bellies of fish.

If you decide to take on this challenge at some point this summer, take a photo of the trash you collected. Together we can raise more awareness for trash in the oceans, and personal responsibility of each and every beach goer. You can also feel good about your contribution to a cleaner, healthier ocean!

Trash found this last weekend, June 14 at Montara State Beach

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