Math Journals

A Math Journal is a place where you can explore the ins and outs of Mathematics. It is a powerful resource to build a strong number sense, and a place for creativity and exploration.

Math is everywhere, and being able to work through it and record observations of Math in everyday life helps to better understand what is being taught and discussed in class.

Much of Math in 4th and 5th grade is finding the relationships of numbers and building a solid number sense. Knowing how to bend numbers and find numbers within numbers builds a strong sense of numbers and helps to solidify a mathematical foundation. In class we practice working with number relationships all the time. We are constantly breaking them up and putting them back together in order to understand how they are constantly moving throughout Math. 

Use your Math Journal to record:

  1. Thoughts on Math
  2. Practice of multiplication facts 
  3. Draw out math in everyday life 
  4. Make up Math games
  5. Look up a Mathematician and write down the facts about that person
  6. Find Math in Nature

I encourage A LOT of color and sketches. I recommend using a ruler often for your work, and label all parts as much as you can.

The red TABS: The “handbook” portion is a resource – a place you can go back to for information. The “Daily Work” section is to work out the problems. The “Math & Art” section is to explore how art and math combine.

New Math Investigations will be posted on Mondays.

4 thoughts on “Math Journals

    1. Hi Chian-Shin! I am going to put up activities throughout the summer. The first one is on prime and composite numbers and drawing rectangles in your “Daily Work.” In the “Math and Art” section you are free to explore how you see Art in Math in everyday life by drawing or journaling. The Math Journals post was just talking about what you can do. Go to the next post and you will find Prime and Composite numbers. The next math investigation is on area and creating a floor plan. You can also look for Science and the Environment activities you can partake in as well throughout the summer.


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